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On the line this is news that developed over the weekend. Lvmh if it goes through it'll probably be the biggest purchase ever by Lvmh to meet a total of fourteen point four billion dollars the US companies to get it LVMH has risen forty-nine percent giving it a value `tatoes compared to LVMH with its two hundred fifteen billion dollars I can't even imagine that number the show the brand has been around for one hundred eighty two years and it's not sixty dollars a share in two thousand sixteen it's Ben up at around one hundred dollars for the past biggest place for revenue as a conglomerate the US's second and pals so adding tiffany would give Lvmh more has lvmh had any failures no girl they haven't they can't might be a good move for Tiffany I think it would be a great move for Tiffany I I don't know if the impact is going to be there at such a great level it really stabilizes and helps them grow even more they've been struggling for a number of reasons they can't I'm trying to cater towards a younger audience but they haven't found their stride yet and they when you're trying to catch up with your ideal demographic like that takes some time right so do it on your own and say you did it on your own or do you want like the big brother to come in and like and even like for an art arnall cases full of money for like three other people do it just suitcases full of money they should take the deal they should take the deal we'll see we'll update you potting soil with like some of the Peat Moss in it is that what you mean right Oh yeah absolutely signed forever twenty one and things are starting to come out as more paperwork it's coming John and Jin Suk Chang they have two daughters they emigrated ended up coming back and working for the company there's Linda she was the executive vice president and in annual sales and employed forty three thousand people globally they're like actual old people I don't know elderly I don't know their lives slur management style as a significant reason the entire business collapsed give them a reality check in their headquarters in Los Angeles that top and just to give you an encapsulation of what what the problem could have it's micromanaging not seeing the big picture also it turns they had a lot of power over styles that landed in stores the home and do advising because they knew early on more than they let on that something stuff into consideration and implement it so it was just like their way man come in and be directors who had no retail experience so what they were doing this is very theranos what they were doing was like only giving it sounds awful no one knew the totality of what was going on with the business department stores. I didn't know this took over a lot of space that used to belong to borders he says we're not set to expire until twenty twenty seven and twenty twenty eight understand local labor laws. This is the big like money news that we found out stores per month girl so that's why it collapsed that's what happened expressed this Mr Chang you need to delegate Sir that is a Mr Chang the other thing is that this report any retailer not as the Chang's but it does take a little same time right it's losing steam and is losing popularity outlasting from perfectly one or they've heard about it from a friend and sell it it's very it's not that simple and so it's not just as easy as forever. I don't like you said it's not just about this narrative of fast fashion kind of slowly really implemented it became their scope would have been different their stores would have business what the family says goes and if you are not the top nobody could not sign expense reports fast enough kinds of fast no one's a delegate it so important helps you succeed because you know my one really clunky basketball analogy they voted unanimously on Tuesday the day we are recording this podcast to three separate divisions of the ANC AA and so they've all been tasked with figuring going to be the board is going to vote on those proposed change rules athletes I have a lot of restrictions around what they can and cannot do around the world When it comes to college sports those players who play for those big have a lot of our school expenses paid for by scholarships but they are duties are to time you have schools that are selling merchandise that may have for a t-shirt you might be able to find a college athlete who was here and says that per NCWA rules so this could potentially open Aa like just like snap his fingers and Saddle we're GonNa Change this so that it would no longer be illegal for students to earn money from their appearances punishing their athletes if they get endorsement money in that will start in January twenty sourced NC double a. into letting all student athletes southern names their images and their were passed in early twenty twenty it would go into effect in twenty twenty one and which is his way of saying out trust y'all yeah but how much play that pro athlete? Scott I've been watching the world series and Ashby and what they do on the field it's a lot about personality in this physical and so many pro athletes even after their off the field college sports a lot more sustainable for the student athletes that you have time for it but like the fact that you can't make any income while you're right apply the decision. I mean at the very least I think you should own the rights to your own ms how if people decide to delay going professional so that's really interesting to me Oh delaying going pro is such has a lot of potential to be a good athlete right now like I think a lot in four years or three years and and who knows what's going to happen to my career then to go pro and see what items come out I wanna see that fashion for that Shit I will buy all the stuff from the Maryland basketball team endorsements for whatever other sports news I dig up and shove into this show you inject oh it is your favorite subject within the song girl Yeah Apor so many things just ran through my head in the first thing I thought of was alligator baby alligators Milano orders a lot from Sephora and the past year she spent over five thousand ah find a dollar bill and it's folded really really well and then there's a straw aw there wasn't I will continue of a Sephora worker in the package and originated issued an apology one hundred dollars an online credit and she and and that Sephora has zero tolerance policy around illegal inside that box I can think of is that now former wjr like them having their ide- and that stuff shipped out okay so that was my first thought was that somebody got fed up or drop weekly I think it is a possibility and is a little convenient act also like who drops cocaine that's why I don't buy questions about the the state of the coq sounds like Sephora emailed her back yes if you worked at Sephora not give me an apology that's one thing I actually wish I would have gotten but she was like it's okay comment but like a personal touch would be really nice in this situation but orange objects or just on your teeth to see to see swish wine and then spit it don't you don't spit after you rub the coke on your yeah I've seen on TV up until this point lies Somali Yep one last story Swatch isn't going to renew their license with Calvin Klein so their parent company is called Swatch group they decided not to make watches or jewelry under Kwan's they are going to renew the collaborations because of uncertainty they are ending this program so what I'm interested in the story is not then tell us you know maybe that the deal was just they've just yeah we talked about this probably about six months ago like a lot a lot of turmoil. I will keep that in mind that the end of our fashion news we've not do listener letters isn't podcast it is the best part of my Friday commute home all my husband works for trek of sustainability came up my husband was horrified when the shoe company said trainable manufacturing or business practices is real or just marketing for the business it is get out of pain K. Vim Bar v. e. m. as a man heard because I'd like to tell that story it's appalling act together because it's the right thing to do that's he is hat men if there was a certain company name attached to it we may have to have a discussion but hi. I'm a new listener just discovered you guys a few months ago and I've been obsessed do you have any advice for me I'd love to get your insight in any advice you could have for a Newbie in lead you can't size up the other person don't know who you're dealing with you don't have body language you don't aw but I think the best thing you can do is learn a little bit about the company research on the company if you know who's interviewing you do a quick Google search just to kind of he's tried to write down like one or two things that are important to me that I would like to convey dead one of the big things that I wanted to convey was that I was like a team believing your knowledge base you being you as like the best thing you can do because it'll make you fit for your career is good fit for your interests and your values so don't hello you're not getting out now we got you sorry best pop fashion or on instagram at pop fashion podcast the Nouveau Tart with a splash of salted caramel With cinnamon toast and I'm not even sorry those toppings are incredible I have two product recommendations but I is Laurie Al Paris and I've really enjoyed this product it's not like a silver bullet product meeting like today it was less than five dollars it is a great product for that price point me a little bit of body which I really enjoy so it was just a nice delight my second product really quick is maybelline's superstate ink even that's the name of the color this particular line the is ink crayons awfully you could talk a bunch you could do bubble gum it will stay on that's kind of what I've gathered but it's been quite enjoyable I audited on your age even now Carne is slightly older than I am but like like nothing Just a question tell us about your eyesight we WanNa know discounts and have a good week this week. How good bye yeah?

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