Celtics' Hayward out with broken left hand

The Jump


WanNa move onto Gordon Hayward the celtics floored suffering a broken left hand and Saturday's as win over the Spurs. He is visiting a hand specialist today to determine the next steps could require surgery today. I felt like he was just finally back right. Philip first couple of weeks of the season look like an all star that to me then changed my predictions of where the Celtics were going to be in the east so now that he's hurt and possibly out for a while. Now where what does that. Put the Celtics Future. Yeah this really hurts me because as a player that's come back from injuries. It takes you about two years to feel like yourself again. It's been about three. And so now he's really his best south shooting. What fifty six percent from the field forty three percent from three? He was back to the one. We do the guy he loved and can take over Games now. The reason why. I think this really changes expectations is because they're so top heavy on their team meaning five or six guys playing most of their

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