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Top diplomat to Ukraine reveals staffer heard Trump talk about investigating Bidens


Radio career diplomats were the first to publicly testify in the house impeachment inquiry into president trump's top diplomat to Ukraine bill Taylor told lawmakers one of the staffers over heard president trump talk about investigation with the ambassador to the E. U. Gordon silent the day after the president's July twenty fifth phone call with Ukraine's president ambassador Taylor the member of my staff asked investors on than what president trump thought about your great as a song responded that president trump cares more about the investigations of Biden Eckhart's financing quarters reports lawmakers now what I hear from that staffer Democrats announced that David homes that embassy staffer who overheard the president's phone call will be coming in on Friday for an interview behind closed doors while there are four more days of public hearings scheduled this week and next at a White House press conference yesterday president from cold killers claims secondhand information former ambassador to Ukraine Maria Jana which will make her public testimony Friday eight more witnesses are scheduled to testify next

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Top diplomat to Ukraine reveals staffer heard Trump talk about investigating Bidens

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