Survivor: Island of the Idols Reveals How the New Twist Works


Talk about surviving Jeff probst hosting the thirty nine season of survivor islands of the idols premiering tonight night on CBS gold while never gets old. I let me tell you something the twists you did. This season. I think is very unique unique. You explain what you guys are doing. Yeah we'll as you said. We've been on for quite a while. This is our twentieth year and so you keep trying to find ways to to explore different things so we brought back to. If you're a survivor fan they're very big names this Guy Boston rob and Sandra and the idea they would live on this island and serve sort of as gods as mentors to a group of new players and and one of the first things we did is we built these thirty foot busts of their heads. They're fantastic so they live on this island by themselves where they're having to make their own shelter and walk the walk doc so that they can talk the talk and when a player arrives to this deserted island they see. Kinda like survivors. Mount Rushmore these two massive heads of Robin Sandra Sandra. That's kind of what starts and then what happens out there are you're taught something about how survivor works by two experienced winters and then you get a chance to test what you've learned so it's a survivor boot camp but the key in that is players remembering. It's survivor so there's always there's always a risk with it. Wow Boston rob. He's he's there. A lot isn't it. I mean I see him hanging out a lot yeah. He's he's. This is his fifth time. I think coming back and it's funny because I I always I'm even like now on. I'm saying if you watch survivor because if you don't watch survivor a you don't care and be you don't know who these people lar- but if you're a fan there's another debate which is they played too many times. Bring them back more and that was part of it. This time is rob and Sandra basically said they didn't want to play anymore and so we called and said what if we made you gods what if you were like. Song God he's in yes and I'm telling you when you see the size of these heads when we when we put put him on a boat and drove them to the island Robin Andrew and said we want to show you the place you're going to be living. Their minds were blown. It is the biggest ego trip you can get that big. I mean okay hold on a second to to get back to a point. You made earlier about how a lot of people like to see some of the survivor. Winners and players come back on. Is it true I don't need. I don't mean to move over to season forty but is it the truth that you're going to do an all winter season because I know you didn't want to do that but like river is the real at no Jeff filming it. I know well. That's what that's what I've heard I haven't had it. You don't be that way another thing that I believe we. We need to point out and I'm sure you will agree in all thirty eight now into the thirty ninth season of survivor. Another star of the show is always where you are because you take us to these different places on on earth and we google. We find out more about a part of earth. We never probably would have thought about right through survivor where you guys taking us on season thirty nine well well. You know we're in Fiji again. We made a long term agreement with their government sort of like hand in hand in terms of promotion of of the country and the different islands in exchange for a consistent home because in the twenty years that we've been doing survivor it went our our world went from a place where we could find groups of deserted islands with enough room for us fairly easily and we did for like fifteen years we went ah different continents in different places and then population political unrest the weather changing weather has been significant the value of the dollar and how expensive places become suddenly our choices are much more limited. There just are not the same kinds of islands that don't have anybody on them. I never all these years how the world has evolved so therefore you had to evolve as well now. What are the things are different now a- As far as contestants and how they play the game or locations that you're noticing in your job wow that's a big difference than when we first started yeah well. I remember being in in a field standing next to this Guy Richard Hatch as he said whispered to somebody or loud enough for me to hear we should vote together and that was this at that time it was crazy idea that two people would conspire to do the same thing together in a way to get power and that was the birth of the game element and over twenty years now survivor. I liken it to poker. It's like we watched people. Learn a new game called poker and what do you do what cards and there's variations but in a nutshell you have to have a better hand than the other person and then you've watched it just get more and more complicated hid in this season for instance. We actually do a theme where we're going to have to experts teach you different aspects of the game. That's how much of a game there is that. There's somebody that can be an expert at it. Not What I've noticed and that's why we've we've kind of shifted are casting to go more toward people who do know the show because they're better players.

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