U.S. blacklists Chinese AI firms ahead of trade talks


We came into the week looking for try talks to restart the Chinese report be looking for now what deal the president thank you professor brought of one then the news ready started to ramp up China effectively blacklisting U. S. basketball team for supporting the Hong Kong protest the United States blacklisting attorneys tech firms for suppressing religious minorities in China and this morning on thing down in Washington reporting that the administration is moving ahead with discussions around possible restrictions on capital flows into China focusing on investments made by US government pension funds I have no idea if that was thirty seconds or not that's kind of a rap in the last twenty four hours the equity market is completely held hostage by the story James and he joins us now senior investment manager at Aberdeen James one on the U. to ahead of us try to stay morning John yeah I think I mean it's difficult to buy anything government it definitely has escalated in the last twenty four hours but essentially the escalation is in line with Molly coal field I think actually most investors because he certainly if you sort of just listen to the conversations out there in the false with your teeth them have come around to the conclusion that this is a home for like an inverted commas which is not going away anytime soon which is more than just about trade in the bilateral trade deficit all calling account deficit and it is more a question all for you know two super powers who have some structural issues between each other that needs to be resolved that's no bipartisan issue in the US we got the short term escalation yeah of course sixty three price but realistically equity happen in almost twice the perfection of life will poems I think of seeing a more realistic outlook both economically and politically slash geopolitical hasn't changed my view a motivational tool because up in defense position

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