Canadians go to the polls in tight election


Canadians are voting today in the country's national elections prime minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party hopes to hang on to a majority but the race is tight for more we're joined by Selena XIV Jeeves a senior reporter at the CBC she's been on the campaign trail and joins us now from Montreal Selena welcome thank you so this election was prime minister Trudeau's to lose and now it seems like he actually could right yeah you know you talk about having a really close race it is really the closest race we seen up here in a really long time and virtually no movement to break the deadlock between Justin Trudeau's liberals and our conservatives that led by and you're sure and it looks strongly like we'll be getting a minority government the whole question is you know which of those parties will be in charge of the minority situation the prime minister could stay in power if he's able to get a working situation with some of the other parties on the last also interesting is that the leaders of both front runner parties Justin Trudeau in and you're sure both have terrible approval rating so it really feels like voters are kind of looking for something different we've seen a surge from that separatist party in can back it seems like there's a search of the new Democrats who appeared really really low in the polls at the beginning of this race so it's a funny election it's an odd one I'd say if you know someone just jointed as well there's been some key moments not a lot of key themes or issues that dominated but definitely controversy on both sides well let's talk about the major rival of Justin Trudeau the Conservative Party leader Andrew share if he becomes prime minister and and I know that's a big if because as you've just mentioned they may have to form a coalition government with another party but if he becomes leader how different of a leader would he be for Canada very different from Justin Trudeau's liberals and and you've seen those the movie even more to lack and you sure as conservatives are are moving I would say more to the right he is socially more conservative than some of the other leaders and there has been some controversy in terms of his position on things like access to abortion he personally has said that he is pro life but he would not open up the debate also he has promised and you sure as promised to get rid of the federal carbon tax which is that one of the main tools that at the tree to levels have been using to fight climate change and that's really been the central message of for the liberals you know we need this huge challenge to fight climate change and and in terms of the conservatives there find a lot of expenses that it's not quite enough it said they would respect us targets we're not somehow they would do that right different chess dances from both parties it is no secret that president trump and prime minister Trudeau are not best buds has the relationship with the U. S. come up in the campaign it has and you know what has come up is that nafta the deal that side Justin's Frio and his levels have been trying to get through to get that new deal Justin Trudeau has been using it a little bit on the campaign trail to sort of say look we got this done we we were able to protect some of the things that we're perhaps gonna lose in those negotiations so you should trust us to do more in the next four years we have in our work isn't finished on some other fronts it's not been ratified right so it did come up on the campaign trail but as I said the election didn't feel as much issue driven as you know controversy German we saw that Justin Trudeau photos of him emerging of him in blackface I was a a bump in the campaign of course at Andrew Scheer had some issues about you know being a jewel on US American citizen and not disclosing it interesting Lee though in terms of U. S. at relations Justin Trudeau did get an endorsement from former US president Barack Obama in this last weekend so they're pretty happy about that a little town as this is such a tight race but president trump has not weighed in right on the selection no he is not now that is C. B. C. R. reporters Salim night shift G. joining us from Montreal as Canadians go to the polls today thank you you're very

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