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Those who are fighting in their communities cities states and businesses to implement bottom up solutions that's why when it comes to batting the climate crisis we aren't waiting for Washington DC beyond carbon is the largest coordinated effort to tackle the climate crisis ever undertaken in the United States what's working with states cities organizations companies and citizens using proven advocacy legal and electoral strategies were working to move the US one hundred percent clean energy economy we're going to retire one hundred percent of US coal plants by twenty thirty stop the rush to gas grow the climate movement by providing critical support advocate for the passage of clean energy policies and elect climate champions at the state and local levels join us at www beyond carbon dot org or not waiting to modern rules Oh you surprised that you got any pushback when you came out actually I knew there would be some because I know my community I know the culture on Sports Culture I knew African American culture I knew people would be like what but because it was important it was a moment that I was I remember talking to my wife I was like it's

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