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Stranding Maddie and I both played a healthy chunk of Cogema's latest and she and I both like despite Jason's skepticism. We talk about the good the bad and the just plain weird of the oddball backpacking reversal game. From bridge babies to delivery delivery addicts deductor mads Mikkelsen. We also talk some about last week's blizzard con as well as the predictably delightful Louise's mentioned three and close out with some off topic. Talk Gardner minhsiu trick. Mirror for in Jordan peels US along with Elvis tastic music. Pick of the week stick around. It's going to be a fun one. Welcome back to the show. We're so glad as always that you have joined us. My name is Kirk Hamilton and I am joined by my two lovely co hosts Mr Jason Schreier. Hello Jason Low Kirk and Jason. I are also joined by Maddie Meyers. Hello matty hello. Hello Kirk and Jason. When I see both yet another week here we are here? We are here just a little tired tired just a little rain but here we are once again to talk about expenditure. It's been a couple of weeks so did I say fun. We're drained because of how fun it is drained laps a minute over here. It feels like we've been carrying boxes across the hines and deserts and Karake Mountains Jason. You're ruining the metaphor that I was planning on introducing a little later in the show I really thought about so. Please allow me the space S. attacked out and elaborate analogy between. I hope it's not settled because if anyone is not into take a director real quick before we jump into some video game talk. Should we talk a little bit about what's been happening because it's been extremely public. The story love our company with US Week and since the last time we recorded deadspin has become no more the staff of debts first of the staff of deadspin quit it then the editorial director took over and then the staff of deadspin quit again when he resigned early twitter joke. This is the St Louis sad and re all three of US love Deadspin Matt even worked with deadspin time and it's just extremely depressing. It's been extremely depressing to see what this company has done to them And Yeah I mean I just love those guys and I wish that things said knock down this way because it's like it's one thing to see a website get shut down because it's not profitable because it's not getting a lot of traffic but in this we saw that with splinter and that was very depressing as well to sit in a different way in a different way but yes but like for websites shut down for a website to shut down because certain people don't read it and don't understand what it does so well and therefore decide to try to fuck with it for no reason so many any other people do read it and understand exactly right but it's about all of that but all that all that needs to happen to people or one person who doesn't understand it does it read it needs to fuck with it and boom. That's it game over all the staff to quit anyway. It's really sad I'm really depressed about it. There's a lot of good reading. You can do on the subject to go out there and and read about it kirk any thoughts from you. Yeah I think the slate podcast that also has a transcript. That's an interview. Do with several of our former colleague as former deadspin colleagues. That's really good. I think gives a good rundown and is really sad and bummed me out but also was sort sort of you know just had all the information there. If you're curious what happened if you're listening to this kind of people talking about if you're not sure I thought that was probably the best summary I've seen of the explanation of the timeline and people's feelings about it was that podcast in the transcript so we shouldn't show notes or something. Yeah Yeah we'll put a Lincoln and one other thing I just want to link is for all the things that have been said about deadspin and all the articles that have been been written. You know a big part of this. Was this whole idea of stick to sports. Can you stick to sports. There's a ton of very thoughtful Pieces of analysis out there but I think the thing that stands in for all of that is that I think one of the best things I ever read at. Deadspin was about Gamer Gate. Eight am there. There's an article that Kreil Wagner wrote way back. When Gamer Gate was first happening? The headline is the future of the culture. Wars is here and it's Gamer. Gate will Lincoln and show notes. It is is still t- to me at least reading it now. I reread it yesterday. It's one of the best things anyone ever wrote about Gamer Gate. It is like frighteningly Prussian if you read it and know that it was written written before the two thousand sixteen election before the current thing world that we live in. It's like it's an incredible piece of writing and there are so many articles like that on deadspin and that don't have anything to do with sports because that was like Desmond was just more than that and I'm with both of you that it just completely sucks that this happened. It sucks to see something so great right and so beloved by so many people including me just sort of end like this. So yeah it's a bummer and All of my respect and support to everyone who used I work at a few things. A lot of devastating things have happened in media and at this company. But I don't think any of them have been as devastating to me personally as deadspin Jus- chattering for no reason so yeah all right and slightly. Later News Blues con up this weekend we should kind of talk about it a little bit before going into video games. We're not GONNA have a new segment this week. 'cause segment two of this week's show is all about death stranding So just real quick time just a Catholic bath like all the Hong Kong discussions. We've been having other WISCON- discussions we've been having Overall impressions obviously they announced the before and Unser Watch too. I was surprised. They didn't announce Diablo two remastered. I wonder if that's been cancelled or if it'll be announce another time. I'm not sure I should ask around about that but But the shit. We're out of a little busy this week. A little It's it's my show. Do a couple of interesting things. First of all so blitz con started keynotes started with the president jail and BRAC coming out and basically apologizing. For how how. They handled the Hong Kong situation but not actually like apologizing about it was a strange apology and he didn't actually change the the the ban any further like it was suspended for originally twelve months. The dude was suspended and then it was reduced to six months. But now it's still at six months So a lot of people will criticize that apology for being soft and then there were some protests at the show but overall it did not seem there was no big viral moment. The way there was last year with the Diablo. More at all April fools joke guy there is no big storyline that like that that the Hong Kong narrative took over the show. It just seemed like a another blues con went by and and who knows what whether people are still going to keep talking about Hong Kong when it comes to Blizzard Games and talk about what happened to blitz Chung but But it didn't seem like it made much of an impact. It seemed like the Internet was exploding over the announcement says we had kind of predicted they would last week Maddie do were you following coming along did you. Did you have any thoughts on and all that. Yeah I mean it was interesting to see people react to the apology in a somewhat positive way and then certa unrealized an hour later that nothing had actually changed. The apology hadn't really been much of anything. That was kind of fun to watch in real time but he sounded emotional Russian. Also I think that good way to start the show from a marketing perspective which we certainly I remember on the show. He criticized lizards. Lay Out of the show last year and their marketing decisions and this year starting without apology even with no action behind it. I think actually it was a good choice on their part. But the fact that there's no action action behind it is Kinda sad and so that is a shame to me. What I liked was in overwatch to trailer when the guy stood up on his own against Hansen overwhelming force and it was too much for him but then all of his friends and other people stood with him and solidarity they triumphed? I thought that was a really special message. Sued Overwatch to that. It was in no way in any kind of tension with other things that were happening. A blue-sky intake man. I was I was blown away like I. I A new by all the overwatch stuff. I knew that overwatch lower but like watching these trailers especially that first one that was just this montage of overwatch story moments as like. Wow this should all it feels like this is so wasted on a competitive shooting game. It should be like a big RPG or something and obviously tighten the original MMORPG's was was the original original B. before it became overwatch is cancelled and the vestiges of it became overwatch So they tried to make it a number of it's still. It feels like such a shame to have all this lower and now put it in a game that really can let you dig into that lower. Because it's pretty good evening. Isn't that nominally. What they're about to do they're trying to have their cake and eat it too? You by having overwatch to with some stray elements and still all of the multiplayer elements. That overwatch already. Had I. I don't know if that's going to succeed or not. But it is the balance they appear to be trying to strike. Yeah I mean this is a this is a observation as old as overwatch reading those original overwatch like short animated films. That are always really impressive. And it was always that feeling of I I would just watch a movie of this. I don't know if I WANNA play overwatch more like I think it's almost like I don't even know if an M. O. would be the right fit fit for all of those moments. Each one works as this perfectly encapsulated little very manipulative did of emotional bullshit kind of like not to to knock them. Because I really like all those over watch movies. I've watched a lot of character movies but there is more of a feeling this could just be as sort of a mini Pixar but like a dreamworks movie. That would be pretty good and I would watch it. That's kind of where I where I said. I like watching those watching those movies. I do yeah. Blizzard cinemax team is incredibly talented and it almost makes me wish they were making movies. I'm speaking real quick Diablo. Four thing Game looks like new Diablo game. Certainly I was actually. I actually Kinda loved that cheesy cinematic no matter that played before they like as reviewing the game is just so hardcore. Yes I'm ready for Lilith till I have horns and stuff. It's frigging cool and awesome logging. That stuff kind of still works on me as annoying as it is like an emotional trailer where people are working together or like a lady has devil horns like yeah. This is going to check my boxes. You're going to check my boxes. I like the I watched the gameplay trailer and it is always funny. How they're these extremely sturman? Mundarain link amazingly made cinematics and then they show the game. Little tiny people showed up and it's just the Oslo well okay. Hopefully this'll be fine. I guess that's so funny. Funny in Diablo three. And I'm glad they're just continuing the tradition of having just these extremely laverick cut scenes. That looks so beautiful and you just get back to this you know it was slanted view of your tiny little guy who's like swinging thermal jumps from the other it. I'm excited for before I will play the hell out of it but part of me wishes they had tried something else especially after hearing reporting guys. I'm sure have read the big story of Iran last year But knowing that they tried and experimented with this dark souls e like third person behind the power behind the shoulder view Even as like a spin off game I would just love to play like that. I'm just just yeah. There's a lot of games like that. Diablo is the owl at works. I feel like like that's fine. If they want to just making that same game it's true but even even the classes they announced like all classes more classes better that are very similar to previous classes tone and style. But maybe they'll be totally different. Maybe a blow my mind All right enough have games that are coming in the future. Let's talk about games that are out now so Before you knew the games were playing as I said before. We're going to talk about that stranding a little bit later after the first break so let's talk about games playing that are not deaths chanting Kirk do you want to start us off sure. Well I know you and I are both playing Louise's mansion three which we can talk about a a little bit. I before that just a little bit. I've been spent playing Disco Liam more rain continues to be wonderful game man. It's funny that's my main new observation is that it's just so funny..

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