How to Practice 'Intuitive Eating' in an Office Environment

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Have you step into intuitive eating and away from structured meals when you work in an office environment and bring your own meals and snacks? I'm having a hard time figuring out. How to a truly intuitively eat in this setting due to my having to prepacked food to bring to work so thanks tail for that great question and before? I answer just my standard standard disclaimer. That these answers and this podcast in general are for informational and educational purposes only and are not substitute for individual medical or mental health. Advice vice so this is a great question and I think it gets at a misconception about intuitive eating which is that intuitive eating is about always eating eating exactly what you're craving in any given moment that's really not true while it's certainly important to be able to eat while you're craving when it's available to you when it's economically economically and logistically feasible. It isn't always going to be and really the ability to always eat exactly what you're craving in the moment without having to pre repack or preplanned is something that's only available to the extremely extremely wealthy who have the ability to just order food every time they want something right. Have seamless or post mates or whatever just deliver food constantly to their house or have a private chef prepare food for every single meal and snack for the rest of their lives. It's just not feasible for the rest of US right for the rest of us. There are always going to be times that we need to prepacked food or preplanned. What and where we're going to eat? It's and that is not anesthetic to intuitive eating at all in fact it's a really important part of intuitive eating because intuitive eating is about making sure we have enough food and have our needs for food. Mets in whatever situation where aunt and for those of us who work in offices and can't afford to buy our meals and snacks out every day or who work in workplaces where there isn't even anywhere nearby to buy food. We have to pack our meals and snacks in order to make sure that we have avenue food and have our needs met which is again. You know the central thing about intuitive eating those are the the most important principles of intuitive vedic now the tricky thing about packing and planning meals is that Dia Culture in This Day and age definitely makes quote unquote meal. Prep a total thing right. And if you look at instagram in the Hashtag tag meal prep which I don't recommend but just as a thought experiment you would see that Diet. Culture really has the lock on this concept of meal. Prep and so when you're are preparing and pre packing meals to try to make sure you have enough and have your needs for food met in a way. That's consistent with intuitive eating. It's important to make sure you're not meal prepping and packing in a diety way and the key to that is keeping two things in mind pleasure and abundance so in order to help make prepacked meals and snacks as pleasurable and abundant as possible. It might help to start out by making a list of the lunches and snacks axe. That you would just love to eat every day. If Diet culture weren't part of the equation at all so if diet culture wasn't anywhere in the mix and you could just have your dream meals and snacks at the office. What would those be? Just let your mind run wild. Let yourself just make a list of everything you really want to eat at the office and try to make your list include as wide a variety of foods as possible. So that you have lots and lots of options lots and lots of ideas then you can go to the grocery store and try. Try to get as close to those foods as you can based on your budget what's available near you and all that stuff and then prepare your food say like for example. You're Ooh I would really love Pastrami sandwiches to have at the office. So you buy some prepackaged Pastrami or maybe go a Deli and you get Deli selection of it. That's it's enough for a week weeks worth of sandwiches right. You get some bread. You'd get some mustard Mayo. Maybe lettuce and tomato chips on the side. Maybe get some other snacks to go with the lunch. And then you take that to the office and you see how it goes and you notice what satisfies you and what doesn't so in our sandwich. The jags apple. You're like ooh. I really wish I had some pickles with this or oh I wish I had some like Coleslaw on the side in the sandwich. I WANNA get that for next time or these little bags exit chips that I got just aren't really satisfying kind of want more chips to go with the sandwich so next time I get bigger single. Serve bags of chips or I'll get a big bag of chips and just bring that to the the office and served myself. How much on a given day right? So you can make adjustments based on what is satisfying to you. What gives you pleasure? And then next next time you can put those things that you decided you want on your shopping list and you might need to go shopping more often at first as you figure out. What's really satisfying pleasurable to you? And you'll likely need to add more food to whatever it. Is You pack. Because Diet cultures voice will probably still be strong in your head and it'll probably still be saying like donate so much pack a small portion whatever. Whatever so it's going to be important to keep adding more food as you go and keep really really listening to yourself in terms of what's actually satisfying pleasurable? But bottom line is you can totally pre pack and plan and use the experience of eating what you packed to make a different decision. Maybe for next time or to like to recognize. Oh I love this lunch. This is a great lunch GonNa have this as a part of my repertoire. I'M GONNA buy ingredients chance for this. Next time I go to the grocery store to maybe have this be a standing item on my list so I hope that's helpful and just to reassure you definitely do not need a to eat on demand exactly what you want in a given moment without any pre planning every time because that's just for people who have like oodles and noodles money or or a private chef. And obviously if you're at the start of your intuitive eating path and you have the means to do this then by all means like buy food out all the time that's great if that's that's what satisfying to you. But I think in the long term probably ninety nine percent of people listening wouldn't be able to sustain that forever. You wouldn't be able to post mates or for Siem less or whatever yet delivery of your favorite foods in the moment every single time you wanted to eat right. That's kind of a good short term solution for people who can afford that so that you can get used to having pleasurable foods but that's not gonna be a long term solution so for the vast vast majority of us we are going to need to have some preplanned prepacked meals and that is great. That is totally a part of intuitive. Eating don't let diet culture hijack that from

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