Tesla’s Cybertruck Tries to Make a Dent in a Tough Market


If you're driving right now around at the other vehicles on the road mostly big big pickup trucks and SUV's I'm guessing combined. They now account for nearly seventy percent of the market but while American cars face a lot of competition from Europe in Asia the pickup market is still dominated by Detroit which could make it tough for Tesla muscle in with its new. Cyber Track Marketplace's Jack Stewart reports reports. Ford sold over a million F series pickups globally last year. They've been America's best selling vehicle of any type for more than forty years but there is a new challenger. enger welcome to this truck unveil. Musk tweeted the two hundred and fifty thousand people have already put down. A one hundred dollar deposit for Tesla's cyber truck best description. I've heard of it an angry looking triangle he pitted it against the Ford F.. One fifty and comparisons at the launch last week week trucks have been the same for a very long time like one hundred years and people are cool with that. Trucks are large and growing parts of the US vehicle market says Tom Libya IHS market. We've seen a major gain over the last ten years it's about fourteen to fourteen and a half percent of the market now. Iron BRAGMAN IS DETROIT. Bureau chief of QASR DOT Com. He says Ford Chevrolet and Ram Dominate Sales. They have strong brand loyalty and they are knocking to give that up the proper pickup trucks trucks are massive and we're seeing the actual average transaction prices now climbing above fifty thousand dollars other than Toyota which sold two hundred thousand Tacoma's last year competitors. I am not making much headway but says Jake Fisher director of Oto testing consumer reports. They're not really playing to win. While turtle may be taking the camera camry very seriously and their their cars seriously. I think it really comes down to the domestic. They're taking their truck seriously. That's where they're putting the technology into technology. Yeah of course is Tesla's biggest selling point. It's hoping that's enough to make a dent. I'm Jack Straw.

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