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Is the Women's March Only For on White Women?


We got some interesting things to talk about Zaire Bill. Our friend was invited onto the board of the women's March. She was so happy. Ah I was so happy so happy and then forty eight hours later they kicked off. This is not Zara measor. This is our friends are Balu. Executive Director of the Council of American Islamic Relations in San Francisco's chapter and forty eight hours later woman's March W T.F. You're were instagram and what were your feelings that the woman's March is apparently not for me yeah. The woman's March is saying that we can't advocate for the lives of Palestinians anymore. That's why she was kicked off. I mean like the women's March always has these ridiculous right wing trolls around them that are manipulating all the women that are involved with this but basically what they were doing was they dug into his Arab News Archive of tweets from many many years and Zari Stu tweet extensively and they pulled up all of her Palestinian tweets and they use that as a reason to kick her off the board just so terrible I think like we're just like a we're. We're in this age of culture where people are digging up all these things from past in like you're being held responsible for something that you said a long time ago but it also be like everything's are said is facts you just there was nothing she said that was wrong but because we're in this day and age where it's all about like colliding people's tweets on fire in calling out people. There's no room for reasonable discourse. I mean this goes beyond reasonable discourse of course to me. This is telling me what discourse is period yeah because you're telling me that I can now no longer talk about apartheid existing in Israel which does yeah there are apartheid supporters yeah. You're telling me that I can't talk about that by. Wouldn't you want that kind of diverse perspective on on aboard anyway. That's the whole point of the women's. March is bring together so many radical voices and then have a dialogue and you just kicked a person off the board who is so ready and capable to do that. It's the white women's March. You know that's basically we all know. That's what the subtext is yeah yeah but you know what. I'M NOT GONNA. Give white people that I don't know something about that feels like you don't get to have that. You don't get to like well. I liked about what direction Raja was saying was was that she on her twitter account. You know how they were using the American flag hit job woman as the poster at the women's March okay so you know how on the poster it it said we the people and this is our greater than fear and then one of directions followers edited the bottom and it said submit to fear which is so oh well done well done okay. Here's my beef. There are a lot of women who are white woman who I like an are my friends. I would preferred a label it as the Nancy Pelosi March. It's not the woman's march anymore. It's the Nancy Pelosi March because to me Nancy Pelosi stands as that older generation and that old way of thinking period regardless of what generation you're from that is like moderate conservative trying trying to be Democrat saying things like I'm not GonNa try to impeach Brett Cavanaugh like to me. That's the same person I don't know I think for me. The women's March just seeing everything the taxing hell into starts tour had to leave the women's march on July fifteenth along with two of her supporters Bob Bland and to make a Maori like just the Lynch mob rightly. There's like Internet mob mentality to attack them on the Internet. Get them kicked out of the women's March now they're trying to lake reframe themselves and finally other people to replace them with in Zaire. Bill would have been like amazing perfect there and then they they don't want her because her whatever so it's just like. Zion is being kicked out of the women's. March is like a reason for me to see this movement and say like this isn't for me. This is not a space for me. This isn't a space for Muslim women. Stop fucking using our Muslim women images in your protests. If so clear that you don't want us for our values are if feels like that's what they want. They just want to like a vision of us. They want the symbol of his job and to protect US and save us but they don't actually want us to actually have a voice. I think they want our voice along as it sounds like a moderate conservative would've voice that doesn't support black lives matter that doesn't work against the moderate conservative movement. That's trying to normalize what trump's doing yeah because here's the quote that's making me feel that way. The same article wrote unfortunately Belu's racist tweets do not stand alone. They seem to reflect the views of of most prominent Muslims in America on the left. What the fuck does that mean that human rights violations by Israel against Palestinians Finian's is not okay. That's a left idea. That's a left idea yeah. Apparently that was a stupid article. I mean when you say that like apparently it's not for us. It sounds like that's exactly what they're fine with saying. I don't think that the women's March can really recover from this which is unfortunate because I think like I think about this a lot. In movements we do do so much work to like move people. They really feel like at some point like the women's march was a movement right like everyone showed up on the capital not because of an organization but because they wanted women to be there I think about this about black lives matter and I think about this about the civil rights movement. There's always like you know Oh. Maybe an informant that's like making this shit like fall apart and there's always like government and FBI NCAA and like. I don't want to be conspiracy theorist but there are like it's not a conspiracy when it's like real movements are always being brought down because they don't WanNa see us rise up in. I feel like that's kind of what's happening here and like ah I think we have to deal with that in a real way. Yeah you know because that is of course going to be there tactic. Why wouldn't it? I feel like that's where we are in the women's. March like this is like it's so so clear this organization has fallen victim to this tactic and like I hope that feeling that people had on election day or inauguration day of showing up. I hope people don't like field. He'll dismissed by that feeling that power of being at the protest these are the splits that they're going to continue to try to create is like the question of like split loyalties and you know. Who Do you stand with you know. Are you one of us all the way until they've moved toward fascism yeah dictatorship. This is their job up. This is what they're trying to do. I think we have to be really blunt about that and know that and work really consciously up against it yeah also are we infiltrating in their meetings and like being like saying as they in these this conversation like when you say they the unified dark money right are we going to. They're like men's activist meetings men's rights activists meetings and like being like yeah men's rights and also I wanNA listen to women's sometimes. I don't feel feel like that's my role in this movement but I'm hoping that you know I'm for hire to infiltrate. I don't know if you'll be able to pass us in these spaces. I'll just go with my white husband. Oh yeah well. I mean like literally like you send your husband and your good. No I want to be there. I just don't I don't know you think you won't work. Get Veronica Mars it

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Is the Women's March Only For on White Women?

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