Apple debuts featurette for upcoming Apple TV Plus original 'Truth Be Told'

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Apples giving viewers an extended. Look at truth be told that's the apple. TV plus series. That tells the fictionalized I story of a true crime. podcast apple insider says Cupertino Streamer has released a feature at for the show uploaded to apple's dedicated Apple Apple. TV Youtube Channel. The peace as the three minute feature at for truth be told has the stars of the show explaining their characters as well as hitting it where where the stories of each will go as the miniseries plays out two decades before the show starts influential journalist. Poppy are now used. The power of the pen to have a sixteen year old tried for murder as an adult. He was found guilty and went to prison now. PARNELL's not sure he was is guilty and start sticking back into the case. Actors featured in the feature at include Octavia Spencer. Aaron Paul Lizzy Caplan and Brett. Cullen a number of producers also turned up including producer and show Creator Michelle de Tremble the feature at is available now now on youtube the series hits Apple. TV plus on Friday the sixth of December

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