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Latin Music Gallery Opens Doors At GRAMMY Museum



According to Billboard magazine the Global Popularity and sales of Latin music are at an all time high and so it seems fitting that the Grammy Museum at. La Live has a new space dedicated to Latin musicians. The Latin music galleries recent opening was attended by a wide range of music. Industry figures the frame contributor. Beto arcus was there and has this report about two hundred. People showed up at the opening of the Grammy Museum's Latin Music Gallery. There was a lot to celebrate when the Grammy Museum opened in. Two Thousand and eight Latin music was is barely noticeable. We try to convince the people of the museum that it was worth it to have space for Latinos and they gave us fifteen square meters. which accounts for one hundred and fifty square feet? Maurice Gabriela Varroa is president of the Latin Recording Academy an offshoot of the Grammy Organization but also says when they began pitching the idea of Latin music space at the museum they had to focus on two things. First Education we are. We are tangled. We are SAMBA. We are personal. We are Ranchera so they said well. It's very easy for you to say but we don't know how to do Louis. Hope I retained on behalf of the Latin Recording Academy experts in every field and they came and they put their best. So when you go there you have all genders there about. Oh assess for nine years. They kept complaining about the one hundred and fifty square feet. They had been allocated until one day he asked I. What else can we do? They said we'll we need contributions so he says Oh. Let's contribute so. We begin being much more cooperative with the museum. undecisive guys. Why don't we do something nicer for you? Assess for the past year and a half. Latin Recording Academy has been helping the Grammy Museum create the Latin Music the gallery they went from one hundred fifty two six thousand square feet so the difference is huge humongous. It is also true that the presence presence of Latin music in America has grown is being more noticed but they also found that most of the apple these to the museum are Latin. Descent are Hispanics who come to the museum. So if the Magic Work Iwo Lavonia they live. Well I think that music brings us all together and now with our renovations were able to tell a lot more stories and a lot. Bigger stories about are about the impact of music. So it's very important. Michael Stich is president of the Grammy Museum. And this is Kind of museum two point zero if you will. So we're actually taking a lot a lot of time and energy and a big investment two million dollar investment. We've made on the third floor to really start. Expanding the storytelling of Latin Music Day Nagara Exhibit zibute highlights the Latin Grammy Awards from the past twenty years including more than thirty songs on rotation heard on a sound system in every room on display. There's is an electric guitar from Columbia Scar Beavis and an accordion that was played by cork commanders of low figures. The North The sky is there's also fashioned from the Latin grammys including blazer worn by the late pop singer Gabrielle. An address warned by singer Gaby Moreno designed by her. What Alan Compatriot you sham? I A warrant at the Latin grammys in two thousand thirteen. When I won my my best new artist award and about a month ago I received An email asking me if I if I could send it here but I told them well the dresses in Guatemala. Because I I gave it back to him after I used it. So they He's shifted and now it's being on display. Here's a really fatal. Haven't seeded Jillian singer. Francisco Ellen Swallow describes a couple items is on display. That caught her attention. Where in front of Bruce's dress from an award ceremony of the Grammy's and we love our fans say she's a museum? We have the monthly. Which I'm a big Fan? I was just hanging out with those guys here. They're amazing I'm such a fan proud of all the Latin artists here displayed an excited. For uh-huh diverse Latin see

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