U.S. prosecutors seek information on payments to Trump lawyer Giuliani


Also these criminal cases that are proceeding alongside and in parallel with the impeachment proceedings on Capitol Hill Right and today alongside this Clarion Rian rule of law decision from Judge Jackson in the DC circuit and DC District Court. Today also those criminal cases produce some sort of bonkers headlines including for the man who is apparently still president. Trump's lawyer because Rudy Giuliani is definitely who you would go to for legal legal advice and who you think. The president of the United States should be consulting for his wise advice and guidance. On legal matters at this point Guiliani apparently still the president's lawyer. Keep that in mind when you see the headlines. Today about Mr Giuliani Wall Street Journal was first to have this story today. Federal Subpoenas seek information on Guiliani Lianis consulting business again. These are not subpoenas by Congress in this case. These are subpoenas by a federal grand jury working with federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York that Federal Prosecutors Office in the Southern District of New York at one point was led by. You Rudy. Giuliani when he was. US Attorney in New York Times have changed. So has Israeli Giuliani now. He's under investigation under what appears to be a serious criminal investigation by the office. He used to lead. As I mentioned the Wall Street Journal was was first to report. This story quickly followed by the Washington Post and CNN and several other outlets ultimately it was Reuters reporter Aaron Rawson who was first to report some of the actual taxed next of these subpoenas that have reportedly been delivered to multiple people associated Guiliani in recent days and weeks. According to Rushton's reporting quote the subpoena requests that recipient provide all documents including correspondence with or related to Rudolph Giuliani Giuliani partners or any related person or entity. See Giuliani partners is Giuliani's consulting company. But the subpoena also seeks documents related to any actual or potential payments or agreements. To or with Giuliani. So if Rustam is right about that being the specific language that's on these subpoenas that have been going out to multiple people in recent days and weeks. There's no doubt that this is not just about people who Rudy Giuliani new. This is about Rudy Giuliani and his firm and money paid to him or promise is to him through his firm. This appears to be a serious active criminal investigation into the president's personal lawyer. One of the president's personal lawyers is is already currently serving a federal prison term. Right now this this would be his current personal attorney who's not currently incarcerated. But how many more of them were. They're going to be in. How many more of them are going to go through this? I mean also. I don't know whether this is a standard thing or not when it comes to subpoenas but the Wall Street Journal and several other outlets that followed all of their reporting today say that one of the striking things about these new subpoenas that have been going out in the Guiliani case in recent days and weeks is not only that they're asking for all of this information very specifically about rudy. Giuliani the president's lawyer. But the subpoenas apparently are also describing which crimes are under consideration by prosecutors in this case again. I don't know if this is normal for a subpoena but according to the Wall Street Journal these subpoenas reportedly list more than half a dozen potential charges is under consideration including obstruction of justice money laundering conspiracy to defraud the United States of America making false statements to the federal government serving as an agent of a foreign foreign government without registering with the Justice Department donating funds from foreign nationals making contributions in the name of another person or allowing someone else to use one's name to make a contribution and plus mail fraud plus wire fried anything else. These grand jury subpoenas not only mentioned Giuliani himself and his consulting firm farm. There are also reportedly asking materials related to America First Action which is the officially endorsed Republican Super Pac that is the chief fundraising entity in support of president president trump's reelection so the president's lawyer the one who's not in prison one who's not in prison is now apparently currently the subject of this serious criminal investigation and the main funding entity the main SUPERPAC associated with the president's reelection. Effort is also the subject of these subpoenas from a federal the grand jury involved in an active criminal investigation in the southern district of New York. Oh so that's not

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