Unionists in Northern Ireland Feel Betrayed by Brexit Deal


Britain and the European Union has struck could you brexit deal with British prime minister Boris Johnson faces quite a struggle to get it through parliament this weekend in an extraordinary sitting where he's will have their say one of the government's key allies northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party has warned it will vote against the plan because in affected tools in U. customs border in the Irish Sea in the northern item we have a different status to the rest of the U. K. the more we can speak to the B. B. C. U. K. political correspondent rob Watson well we're gonna get into parliamentary mass shortly but first in what way is this different from former prime minister Theresa may still good morning James glowing group I'm good morning everyone well in many ways it is and I'm in about ninety percent of it is absolutely exactly the same but it differs in two key ways seven sons of the of the withdrawal agreement pots with the divorce but if you like the bit that's legally binding will become a treaty I mean that are essentially a Mister Johnson paid the price if you like for one single Hans Breck says with Northern Ireland I mean it's a brutal way of putting it but essentially under this Dale Norman island will have a different relationship with the European Union to the to the rest of the U. K. and a lot of calls is why the Democratic Unionist Party that Protestant possible come ons them in a second so fed up the second man which is differences and then the other bit which isn't legally binding the political decoration which looks forward to the future license ship off the divorce I mean that there it's clear again Mr Johnson once a much more distant relationship between the European Union and the U. K. right I I know everyone in parliament's will go along with that what's the matter saying right now well I was thinking when it when it was sitting here waiting for you to come three times I think about it look old James wants to know everybody listening as if I was going to happen in the vote was robe and then and then I can say I don't know and I'm just gonna go and pull my second Cup of tea of the day so looks what's what's your question I don't know it looks incredibly tight the BBC we have a unit down at Westminster of colleagues who who look at what every single am PS seven the last time I looked at that school that this way which was three hundred and seventeen votes for the government three hundred and twenty two against but obviously yeah Mr Johnson is going to be engaged in a and a massive operation of of charm persuasion arm twisting between now and sense the lunchtime charm persuasion on Tristen sure what about a some suggested bucket loads of cash heading towards an old an island in one form or another I'm not corruption I'm not suggesting that by any means but but things to sweeten the deal I mean I think that that certainly possible but but here's the thing the is back to where I started uniform was being brutal what is the price of Mister Johnson's breaks up and where is it different from what Mrs may sodomizing differed so much more himself inside it's Norman on and I mean Norman on and will be treated differently now if you are a member of the Democratic Unionist Party what is their raise all natural water they exist for is to preserve the union between Britain and Northern Ireland I mean that's that's what they're about that's what really floats their boat right and and so they think that any arrangement which makes Northern Ireland the province last close economically that's the rest of the U. K. that could be the beginning of the end time that could be the beginning of of Northern Ireland becoming closer to to Dublin and sets up so it's a Brussels so one suspects on such a matter of principle but of course I may be horribly wrong I think you know no matter how much money off of them it's it wouldn't do it well promotions being Harvey right so much things as I five a brexit we'll see if that streak continues and MPs in parliament this weekend for that crucial

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