Say No to Strangers


I Georgia I was writing my longboard around my hometown by myself I parked my car to Skate Park which is also the beginning of a bike path walk path at borders a river I went down the path breath yeah this person was having a day really getting out there being in the Nature Dila Fair right skate park what are you the richest person in America okay as I was making my way back to the trail a man ran up behind me forcing need to ride into the grass and stop he asked me if there were any running trails around so I told them there was a trail up near the river he then asked me if the trail gets more secluded obviously I was very uncomfortable with his question and realized I did not WanNa talk to this guy anymore he proceeded to walk next to me and ask me questions he asked where I was wing and I said I was going to meet my boyfriend at the Skate Park not far from where we were parentheses I was not meeting my boyfriend he lives two hours away at the time smart Bryant he save off a major Ted Bundy vibe because he was good looking and charismatic you could tell very uncomfortable not making eye contact with them and keeping my longboard in between us as a buffer he would periodically touch my arm when I was clearly not intrigued station I managed to tax my boyfriend telling him to call me he replied with a I'm eating dinner I'll call you all know now is your ex boyfriend parentheses we now have a code for one it's an emerging that's better that's better than when my oh yeah well you fix it fix it the man then asked if you could try out my longboard I said no and then I had to go right away he said if you let me try your longboard I will leave you alone no it's not fucking deal this should have stopped three ago beyond getting we're going to go through the whole thing and then talk about it after Since I really wanted to be left alone when I let him try it out this man fakes fell off the longboard saying he hurt his knee I quickly picked up the board was about to right away when he grabs my arm and attempts to pull me down on the ground with him at this point he's gripping me so hard trying to pull me on the ground luckily my many years of squats came in randy eventually slipped out of his grip any and wrote off the quickest I ever have before I consistently checked behind to make sure he wasn't following me but he just got up and walked in the direction he came from this was by far the scariest thing ever to happen to me especially since the river was right next to this secluded trail stay sexy endure squad so you're strong long enough to escape a man's grip or stay sweaty so you can slip out of his grip thank you so much for listening

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