Food Neighbourhoods: Beirut, Gemmayze


Hello and welcome to Food Neighborhoods Monaco twenty four lawyer Marco's Hippie all these various the locals love for their food and drink think offering spanned in this series. We get to know these places this week. We are in gym as a popular delays back. Beirut district where boss with vaulted detailing sent cafes with French windows spill onto the pavement between Autumn Air Mentions and twentieth century apartment blocks our guys. It's morning Lisa. If you look to mcvay route you'll see Google street stretching east to west through the city but if he wants to obey Roussy where to find the thoroughfare gets a funny look the street is named after the French Army General Already Guru in early twentieth century colonial leader in Syria and Lebanon but no one cool said that instead it's referred to as Damazin also the name of the White House district. It's in Waco in for food filled stroll here today in the past fifteen years drinking and dining options as long as you have multiplied multi in the layers of millfield pastry. Stop the day just to the north in cafe and Mazzy down a set of stone insteps. This joint is popular with young students from the neighboring Arabic language school but its tracks people of all ages for me amnesty best in the morning winning customers can sit down quietly with free copies of the New York Times is what is the local English French and Arabic newspapers ultra wreck especial parties for Turkish coffee. The Lebanese slice at the Mediterranean is proudly caffeinated fill up on Lebanon. A fix is he yoga. Come Cheese Eastern. Brits and slices of Cucumber emerged from breakfast and head back to Jamaica Street at my the architecture detector look out for the Church of intensity striking modern facade soon. It's time for lunch the wait 'til suitably abrupt in the chef. Jamaica's name might shun historical ties with France but the services this restaurant plus the chink of a red wine glass on wooden wooden tables reminders of them. The chef happened in nine hundred sixty seven and is still the best place in Beirut to get an idea of Lebanese home cooking go for the comforting aubergine stew or lentil soup served with a squeeze of lemon at wine as you see fit next stop is obvious a cafe bar and bookshop all in one you'll find a changing salad menu carefully selected. Lebanese wines and a smooth AC a strong aniseed flavored spirit a softening segues into evening freelance workers in Jamaica's cafes snap the laptops shot and Ted. It's low let low key balls. Among the best is dragonfly where owner Nino Armani can define array of drinks. The GIN selection is particularly particularly appealing Lebanese right a proud of their food but if you feel queasy at thought of yet another Tabuchi offering bring the changes at electric electric things this ball come restaurant plans Asian ingredients and techniques with Middle Eastern staples nicely. The Green Salad has ponto addressing. I think the fish is suitably steamed and tonight at dinner about the popular hangout with journalists and Beirut's design community the crowd out spills onto the pavement as the evening progresses drink his head back to the bar every now and then for top ups of Iraq and apples spritz. Jamaica has long been a food and drink think favourite thanks to its easy going attitude in central Beirut location. One word unites the Arabic French and English all spoken here chairs Monaco Barrett. I'm Lucy Porter. This has been episode number one hundred and fifty two or food neighborhoods. Thanks Lizzie for today's tour in Beirut Sommese for more food and drink stories students the menu every Friday as twenty hundred London time. I am Marcus Hippie. Thanks affects policemen yet by phone now.

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