How Tua Tagovailoa changed Alabama football forever

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On Saturday. Near the end of the first half and a game against unranked Mississippi State Alabama Alabama quarterback Tua Tunga Vilo was severely injured. It was later reported. He dislocated his hip and suffered a posterior wall fracture. He's having surgery today and will miss the remainder of the college football season. If not longer. Now it's upsetting to see any athlete at any level. Suffer an injury like that but when it happens to to a player like to a it's especially difficult to watch because we know what's at stake when I saw the visual of him being carted off the field. I was reminded of the night. We saw Diane Brian. Williamson's sprain his knee in college. Like Zion tool was a lock for a top draft pick which should have given him the chance to earn millions of dollars in the near future and likes I on his injury will invite a good deal of scrutiny. Because it puts that future jeopardy in fact seconds after to a left the game people began to ask. Why was the quarterback just a few weeks removed from ankle surgery? Even on the field team was up. Thirty five to seven are Chris. Fowler Kirk Herbstreit. Had this to say article was that tried to send the guy out there to beat. Mississippi state at the risk of his career. Career has sought what they're saying that. I do think that you're with US affected. Your opponent has no chance to stop. Maybe it's a prudent thing into sit about. Maybe it's a thing to pull them out and it's not that it's more for me. Why was he on the field at the beginning of the game? And you give tails recovering from Alabama coach. Nick Sabin later said it was meant to be too as last series he also said to a wanted to go into the game and look. That's not surprising. Anyone who's watched to over the last two years knows he is a fierce competitor. And one of the the toughest quarterbacks to ever play college football but even if he didn't want to go back into this game or any game this season that wouldn't have made him any less tough because when college players Games on account of injury or as we've seen happen more and more often preempt them altogether to avoid getting hurt before the graft it's not because they don't WanNa play football it's because every time they step onto the field before they get paid they risked the opportunity. Turn a living off the sport for

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