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Michigan state with an opportunity now to go to Rutgers and beaded team that they should be heavily favored to defeat come home to play a so so Maryland team and get to a ball game but they still have to do it and you get off the mat after losing another ball game today losses at Ohio state at Wisconsin home against Penn state home against a little and now here at Michigan I still like their chances to get to a bowl game and for everybody's sake I certainly hope they do Jay said great job today tough circumstances yeah are you going to do that's why they play the game to keep score that's correct you know sparkle rise again and it's tough right now on a five game losing streak but over Rutgers around the corner and then you said finishing up a whole month senior day against Maryland fish and have a great opportunity get to be bowl eligible once again for Jason for well our broadcast toast our statistician Larry Sir Nick spotter I regain even feel tech Dan Waller in the studio rob better engine five stock and our engineer on site Tony to Stella that our producer director Wendy hard I'm George blah reminding your final score here in Ann Arbor was Michigan forty four and the Spartans stand stay with us is pardoned locker room show comes up next talk to you next week from Rutgers Michigan

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