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Rad sugars and his team continued to build business reeducation to new levels. Today we are going to put but the F. Word back into business. You know we're GONNA tease that alphabet. Welcome Brad so the nice guys on business podcast. Hey honey could to be with you today. Happy to have you here. Obviously it sounds sounds like you have in northern New Jersey accent. When did you move from? No it's funny where you're from Australia. It's amazing the places people like you from the South Yeah just a little further to the south though a little further south keep moving south. Keep moving so Brad I've had I've had a number of friends now. I haven't had the chance to see it personally. Although I watched a bunch of your youtube videos videos over the last couple of weeks since we've uh scheduled this interview and looked at the reviews and and the Synopsis Of the Book Although I am we'll talk about that a little bit but I've had had many many friends that have actually had the opportunity to see you in you know in action on stage and they all agree that you that you love. The stage in the stage loves you. When did that love Affair Fair begin exactly Dang you know I I got on stage? I remember many moons ago. I was as a young man in business and when you get successively young age people like well. Can you tell us what you did as if there's some magic pill that I did something different whatever other person that was successful didn't so I started teaching and and then I think it was ninety. Ninety four Robert Kiyosaki invited me to come and speak at is business school now he's super famous with the Rich Dad poor dad series but and I went to a and he said you come speak in Hawaii teach business at my business school that came over to Hawaiian on my hand. I get paid to travel around the world. Hold and speak to people this is cool. I'll do this forever. Yeah no hesitation yes. The love affair began as soon as I saw that I could get paid to do this and travel took took some great places my eventually. I was GONNA say that eventually I worked out hang on. This is really hard work. Because I remember there was a couple of years. I did more than two two hundred events a year and I thought this is really hard wood. I gotTA actually create a business instead of actually just running myself ragged right all for sure I agree with you you so for you to to be able to go and bus home for for two hundred dates. A year doesn't leave a lot of time for I believe you have a family also so it doesn't leave a lot of time for that. Does it no well in those days. I was young and single today with five kids. It's like I think podcasts are much better idea doug where do you where do you live. What part of the country Las Vegas biggest home? My wife is from Massachusetts. So we kinda found a city that was halfway between Australia and Massachusetts not really but at least it's fun enough for an Australian Lynn and so you actually live in Vegas now yeah we live in Las Vegas which people go really you live in Las Vegas. I always joke and say yeah we live at the MGM. Oh it's a it's a great place place to I mean in real estate investments good opportunity there and it's still reasonably priced. I mean it does get a little hot in the summer but but it really is a nice place to live if you if you don't don't live right on this trip I would believe you know very spoiled. In this city we do have the entire Strip right there but we also have a ski field forty five minutes up the road. They'll lake forty five minutes that way and some of the best desert hiking but you know it's it's a great city to live in an as you mentioned real estate wise yet. We did okay coming out of the away crash. We wrote the couple of as you might say nice well. I've had an opportunity to go in. There probably dozens of times over the last few years to to to rent Iran Harley so I love riding my bike up into what does it Mount Charleston. Is that where the the ski slopes are somewhere over in that area Lee Lee Canyon Mount Charleston and then you do the red rock loop ahead on on APP to blue diamond and stuff. There's a lot of great places to ride so fantastic city. Now is definitely a great city well I. If I can remember back my dad past unfortunately in the mid nineties he created this selling system and he always used to say you put me across from prospect in a stadium filled with fans and I will close them. Does the audience charge you up to do the same thing or do you use that as your educational tool what I know there's there's money from stage but it also does a lot for your for your inner work as well. Obviously we use the stage to introduce ourselves to a lot of people and I think that's sort of where I started in the beginning. I remember way way back back did a deal with the newspaper company and they literally put me in front of two hundred eighty eight thousand people over two years and it was to introduce used to people and yeah we sold but mostly I believe in education. I'm people they say also your motivational speaker and I personally hate that because if you motivated an idiot they just do stupid stupid things and so my goal is always been education first motivation second saw so so many people today unfortunately are one month away from broke and I think I'm being even generous by saying they might even be one one month away from broke. Some of them are one paycheck away from broke. Who who is your market though because it you tend to gravitate or the people tend to gravitate towards you at least the friends that I have that been have have been attracted you or the ones that have already the achieved a huge level of success in their life enter just trying to figure out? How did they get to that next level so they're looking to us? Maybe talk about that for just a moment or two yeah yeah look we the people we work with the mostly business owners or those who wanna go into business for themselves. You know a lot of a lot of corporate executives too because when you're when you're an executive at a very high level or an entrepreneur running your own business it's Valey. I you know I'll put it very bluntly. Business ownership and executive level work is some of the loneliest what there is and because there's no one you can turn to so having a coach is something that is really important because two things things one is that coach will introduce you to a community of other successful business owners who people want to hang out with and learn with and learn from but also the coach is someone you can actually talk to 'cause when when you're a high level business post when you're achieved success or you're doing good and you WanNa do great. Who Do you talk to you know and that's the challenge for a lot of these people? I've always found again. I'm going to go back to some things that my dad said and he always said hey if you wanna do something successfully find someone else at at this time successfully and just see if you can attach to them just at least from a mentor apprentice perspective and and he he was so right through the entire process and and I'm assuming coming that your coaches they're not just educated by you. There's people that have achieved some level of success in their life and the ones that you put into the coaching realm are are others that can teach teach what they have done now. Do they do it with your system and teaching their industry or do you tell me a little bit about the coaches that you coach Yeah Look so my coaching team week. I mean we do a lot of to recruit. Great coaches is always a challenge. That's that's the thing so you know we're always on the lookout for great coaches is because they had the sort of person that loves helping others but also has that ability to build long term relationships and also has the ability to actually actually coaching knowledge now when it comes to the system and hence suave written. What is it now seven votes? The systematic methodology with which we grow businesses is my what am I. The latest book is called the Business College and what are we coach tweet coach to round thirteen thousand companies and business owners before I even wrote at that book and that book gotTa be fifteen years old now and the reason I say that is because what we find is there is a systematic methodology policy within which you can succeed in business. It's like there's a recipe for it and if you build a business according to the recipe it will actually work if you build a business based on just your gut feel like baking a cake. You know it's it's not going to be perfect until you've got that skill set that you know how to do it so we're very clear on doing that. NECC- that's hence why wrote the latest one that pulling prophets because it was about businesses doing good that WanNa do great you know how do you get actual exponential growth and how do you do that. Live with grow so you know it's been an interesting one to say that because the hottest spot for me in the beginning Doug was definitely getting out of my head will what is that that I actually do. How is it that I actually achieved this level of success and that to me was always going to be the challenge so Nice Guy Community? We're GONNA make sure we put a link Linkin. The show notes that you have access to to Brad's book pulling profits out of a hat I love the name but it but it definitely ties conjures up a feeling of it seems to be I'm just GONNA put some profits out of a hat. Obviously it's more complicated than that you talk about incremental growth versus exponential growth and maybe just spend a moment sharing the definitions of the two because I think so oh Manitoba's and all include me is part of a part of that US as well so many of us build our businesses on on incremental growth instead of the idea of the bigger their picture or even the larger picture is growing growth or building your business exponentially so maybe just share a little bit about what those two things me yes so let's let's even go back. Pre the incremental growth a lot of businesses do grow plateau will grow dip even they they do that sort of up and down or up and sideways type thing and that's really where they end up being the incremental growth is where you start talking in percentages and you know the average business is very happy to have ten twenty thirty percent growth way we challenge them with this book and we challenge them what they're thinking of. Why Gopher percentages why not go for multiplies so if you're saying okay I'M GONNA get fifteen percent growth next year and I asked you the question what would feed fifteen times growth and the average person looks at you have no idea what it would take to get fifteen times gross? You say great so now that I've asked the question someone once said to me that the answer the answer doesn't matter if you ask the right questions because you know by asking people the question of what it would take to get twenty daytime growth thirty times growth all of a sudden you're asking the right question. It's like the bag of the Tanzanian says. Do you have a dime. Those you know you have twenty bucks you. You know it's it's that simple difference in Austin the question so exponential for us is looking at the multiply growth so it took two years to put this book together to study got clients that are actually doing that and look at what's the distinct difference between Bandmann those who were not doing that level of growth. Can I'd love to go. Can we take a little bit deeper. Deeper dive into that. 'cause I really WanNa know what those what those disciplines are. That people are working towards in in finding exponential growth from from increment in incremental growth perfect. Yeah look so when we sat down and you use the right way disciplines what we found is as five core disciplines and the reason we use the word discipline discipline is because let's say you get it right today. That doesn't mean it'll be right tomorrow. you know you've got to actually be disciplined and stay on top. It's like so the five core disciplines number one not in any particular order strategy business development people execution and mission those five Kohl's away we find the result so if we take just business development which sales marketing and customer service side of the

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