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Know Harvey at middle backer. hand off to Drake Anderson gets to the secondary stays in a speech to the fifty yard line. northwestern. would love. you get this ball in the end zone kind of a moral victory sick for them branded Boyer Randall makes the tackle for Michigan state. balls at the fifteen yard line. first did ten northwestern. snapback Jaden Smith makes the hand of runs to is right himself chased out of bounds at the eleven by drew be easily. picked up for the the clock stops was four and twelve to go the football game. the place was your second down in six of the northwestern Wildcats. at the Spartan eleven yard line chase Klein's in Kaelin Girvan is in the manual flowers is checked in yes lord boat Chang's in the football game. he dismissed the quarterback for northwestern. takes this all happens past batted down at the line of scrimmage ruby usually is makers of noise off this one is it is sure is that an interception made a couple other plays at night that's down to pass. thrown by agent Smith. this is the legacy having a comfortable lead in the fourth quarter and able to get. I'll be a back up some much needed experience in big ten play. on the road. so now. third in six for northwestern it's a Spartan eleven yard line. three in forty five to go on the football game Smith hands the ball to Drake Anderson runs to was love spill to five but that makes it first in goals he falls to the four yard line. chase Klein makes the tackle. we have three and thirty six to go that was the first third down conversion.

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