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Obviously what about rebuke from office well. They have like a fifteen percent chance that trump will not finish his first term. Obviously there multiple scenarios there are arsonist involving him resigning like Nixon there are scenarios involving the Twenty Fifth Amendment for incapacitation for the record. I believe predicted does not consider scenarios where the president didn't actually dies so it's not hard at eighty. Five percent is off in that case so you know I don't think that number is crazy and I'm someone who probably during the Miller report where that was not percents whatever it was kind of on much higher than fifteen percent actually. Do you think it was kind of crazy you. It's a dynamic process and Republicans. You've already seen some Republican. Defections Adam kids who is a congressman from Illinois Republican from it fairly conservative. Romney trump district came out and said it was discussing the president is invoking the idea of civil conflict so I don't know you've seen retired members like Jeff Flake Blake support impeachment. You've seen Romney a little bit but like the thing is like well. Tom Bossert to trump's former homeland. Security Adviser came out and said like Matt Saint so great the thing is like the Republican defenses so far have been so feeble that

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