Trump accuses Democrat Schiff of fraud and treason, calls for his arrest


President trump has suggested the congressman leading the impeachment inquiry against him what to be arrested for treason without supplying evidence Mr trump accused Adam Schiff the democratic chair of the house intelligence committee of having fakes transcript of a controversial phone calls between the US and Ukrainian presidents from Washington Gary o'donoghue reports president trump seems to be referring to statements by Adam Schiff at a committee hearing last week in which Mr Schiff said he was parroting the president's Cole with Ukraine's president the landscape but it's not the first time Donald Trump has used the trees in the world in the past week he's also suggested that those who supplied the whistle blower with information what's spies and it also committed treason Mr trump says he wants to meet the anonymous individual though lawyers for the whistle blower have said they fear for their clients safety if their identity is

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