Donald Trump, Kanye West And Mcdonalds discussed on It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders


Openly on twitter with the likes of Kanye West and Donald Trump when that kind stuff happens. Is that more of a thing that you want to do a more of a thing that you feel that you have to do. I think a combination I think I've always thought of myself. itself is a very political person of always read even as a child when I would go to the library I would. I would choose to read about Dr King Choose to read about the struggle. I would choose to read what about people who fought for justice and that's always been inspiring to me. I've always thought about my role as an artist and as someone with influence fluence as something that is a special gift that gives me the opportunity to speak out about these things and I wrote an essay when I was fifteen eighteen years old. It was a McDonalds essay competition for black history month. It was called future black history makers basically the prompt was how will you make black history history and I said I was going to do it by becoming a famous artist and using my success to fight for justice and I literally said that what I was fifteen and and I'm living that five years later

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