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You're listening to the undercover is brought to you by wicks listener note this story contains adult content and language global alliance original podcast this is the undercovers these in one opinion the World El Chapo now for the first time in nearly a decade of service and he was back in the US and stationed in Washington DC his world and our was about to be forever changed rocked by a team of nineteen al Qaeda hijackers in what would be the worst terrorist tragedy ever on US soil Uh Afghanistan Spring nineteen ninety four meeting of the most important man in the country they gathered at this house in a remote corner of Kabul like most homes in Afghanistan it was made of mud there was no electricity no plumbing no sewer system and almost no part of this country or it's people had changed in Millennia these important Muslim VM and heroin comes from this landlocked country this dot on the map an ancient land where conquerors spill blood since long before Alexander the great gingas Kahn Mullah Omar the Taliban head and supreme leader of the Islamic Emerald Afghanistan chaired the meeting they would five weighing more than three hundred seventy pounds they called him Haji Juma Khan he smiled warmly at the man across the table he was a six foot four Saudi thin with Dr Strong is his name Osama Bin Laden.

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