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The Latest: Astros pound Nats 8-1, even World Series 2-2

5 months ago

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We were led to believe after losing two games at home I know it's a daunting task that this astro team would you be the best team pound for pound a baseball which is going to roll over and die because they were down to heading back to Washington to your notes are you crazy we were led to believe that apple share trends and Patrick Corbin was shot only gonna be absolute sh thought is at home that they were now unbeatable at this was going to roll over this wasn't over after two games and shame on you if you thought it was the Astros were too damn good I know as predictable as she readers on predictable a post season is this is been the Astros went for the second straight Saturday night to what they thought would be a bull pen game Jose your key took the hill astro saying just give us when you can go to the bullpen after he tosses five innings absolutely mows down a national line up there for the second straight night at home as a no answer I'm not sure a line up they can tell a coal Justin Bieber lander I know can hit all who's a key key nobody would only one year nobody had heard of them outside Houston for a month ago August seventh he was pitching for triple a Round Rock could tell your kids I'm assuming Texas somewhere over there he allowed fourteen hits eleven runs three home runs in four to two thirty thirds innings in a game in el Paso that's what horrors a Keating was due on August seventh as world don't cannibals into some polls somewhere and now he's a game for the World Series mowing down what I was just told was as great a lot of that was loose dancing up a great time that was gonna be stopped in the Washington nationals end as much as I just pounded the drum for tell you how quickly article series over I was calling out nats fans anybody tweeted at me on how crazy they were saying it's all over let me just say this now as we headed to a game five on Sunday night and a what should be an entertaining game five what's the rain clears in the nation's capital between Max Scherzer Gerrit Cole to round two for this this series folks is over now it is time to say it's over even a two two two V. E. R. over then not shed their change it the only chance Washington had a beating Houston was to make quick work of the Astros and they had it on the table and they have absolutely choked give them a long time like run over because no matter what they have to win at least one game in Houston I now that means they're going to have to take three of the potential for games and usually just as your if not all four depending on if they do even hysterical second time and that's the other part to do this they're gonna have to either beat both Gerrit Cole and Justin Berliner again which one of the odd the team to beat those guys twice in one series or go to a game seven in Houston at the Jack break you seems to run locked everything figured it out without one of their aces on the hill this series will be over in six of Max Scherzer doesn't basically throw shot out on Sunday night and it might be over in six anyway because this game could go ten ten innings one nothing if Gary Cole was absolutely on his game I remember he could get out there within that bad to we play plenty of the National League but this is a disaster for the