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10-spot: Cardinals score 10 runs in 1st inning vs Braves


Earlier on Wednesday St Louis cardinals jump all over the Atlanta Braves at SunTrust park rolling a ten spot the first inning most runs scored ever in an opening inning of a playoff game in MLB history and by the way Major League Baseball is about a hundred fifty years old so think about that does never look back they wanted thirteen to one they win game five and they're off to the NLCS well St Louis needed a dance partner right got to have somebody to play would be Washington or would it be the Los Angeles Dodgers who played a game five on Wednesday night at Chavis ravine well the Dodgers had an early lead jumped out ahead three OO in the second inning and Walker Buehler was cruising and then came the fateful seventh inning manager Dave Roberts brings in Clayton Kershaw actually was the eighth inning he came in on the seventh and then in the eight that's when everything went down the tubes for Los

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