Did the Trump quid pro quo begin even earlier than we thought?


Got reporter. Eric Lipton here from the New York. Times tonight to talk about a piece of the scandal that we really have watched coming down this pike. That appears to now be pretty well and truly confirmed. We highlighted this on the show on Friday night. Was This David Ignatius column in The Washington Post raising the troubling prospect that the scheme for which the president is now being impeached. This Ukraine scheme which has basically been caught. This year might have been not the first time he did. This might might've been round to basically that Rudy Giuliani and president. Trump might have already done this once before in Ukraine with with almost the same script with the president who preceded Vladimir's Alinsky. David Ignatius was writing about it at the post last week New York Times reporter Andrew Kramer had reported boarded on pieces of this In an article times published in May of last year but now Mark Mazzetti Eric Lipton and Andrew Kramer have updated with the story and it sounds like yeah what has happened in Ukraine ahead of Zilenski. Getting in there the guy who had the infamous phone call with trump. What happened there with the previous yes? President seems very much like a first draft of what president trump has been caught for in this impeachment inquiry. Now quoting from the Times tonight long before a telephone call with with Ukraine's president that prompted an impeachment inquiry. President trump was exchanging political favors with a different Ukrainian leader who desperately sought American help for his country struggle against Russian aggression near the end of two thousand seventeen just as the Ukrainian government was trying to get final approval from the trump administration. The sale of Javelin Antitank weapons the prosecutor secured general then working for the crane president. Petro Par SHANECO quote had begun freezing cases in Ukraine that were relevant to the Mueller investigation including an inquiry inquiry tracing millions of dollars that Ukrainian political figures paid to Mr manafort quote in two thousand seventeen shortly after Mr Giuliani visited. Kiev President Pora Shaneco prosecutor-general took control from an anti-corruption bureau of a criminal investigation related to Mr Manafort same prosecutor general took further steps APPs to slow walk. The Ukrainian cases related to the Muller Investigation in November of two thousand seventeen. He gave an official order to freeze those cases in April of twenty eighteen. That same prosecutor-general would later. Coordinate closely with Mr Giuliani to promote an investigation into former vice president. Joseph R Biden so this year in two thousand nine hundred nine president trump is being impeached for demanding these bogus investigations of Joe Biden.

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