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This week we're up up and away lovely hot air balloon with Felicity Jones Star King yes the director of the King David Michaud it's always nice to bring people coming to you a day after Halloween and really hopes the most of you haven't been killed in your sleep why not they are the best people the are the very finest people and be honest most Hello Fahd I'm Chris you had and welcome to the Empire podcast this week running due to what I can only describe as a hedge lean Snafu a work arg e Queen Helena her hello how are you I'm good I'm good I'm no respect you as a person thanks I didn't WanNa look at that area sure anything below the neck not sure that I am I should be doing I'm just glad groomed my eyebrows in that case Mark God that's that I haven't had time to really prepare for this week's podcast you although thankfully I live in an apartment block so therefore we tend to not really hotels Shukla Shukla's and I also have some of the little I'm not very good costumes they always seem a bit scary and difficult I like Halloween as a concept we watched hocus pocus the other night so I'm very much in the spirit ninety four days it's only like seventy eight minutes or so you can watch it twice in the night that's a shame but but I don't do I'm not a big Halloween Guy I've other stuff going on but I don't have I'm not around your house asking for trick or treat don't invite them in Helen in case it doesn't Chris I mean actually you know Bucky buffy obviously Butler she's Rian chant the house once you've accent invited vampire into kind of lock them out again abusive for him in the in the Anne Rice novels so you know if you were to do if I'm part movie right and you had to create one bit of Lore says about the last twenty years suddenly Vampires Allergic to silver which has always been aware world thing before I'm sorry we quite nice if it was like a pleasant smelling her of some sort that was bad for round part so like I some of the stuff that they have to resort to like buffy and supernatural and things like that because they always have bags full I like that I'm going to one sure we just found Pires once they come into your house because I also liked by the way it's okay for them to be in your bedroom bedrooms not always a place of you know of as the moment so you know Salami totally fine if it is sexual then vipers are and the kitchen totally fine foul front wants to come in garlic's stuff food in their mouths in the hope of fighting them off there's some questions yeah so here is a question from twitter and it comes from one of pronounced your name correctly I hope that your vision I think you are I don't know why I as a beating so what is your most prized slashed feud hero book there was stuff that I knew I'd seen on streaming services and I'm like oh I don't have to worry about a particular entry to try and get hold of it which was immense ingredient again anyway my dvd's are color coded by spine it's very upsetting for more bookcases full of books there we go the leather bound some DVD's Mahogany it does kind of a big deal would you have stuff yeah yeah it's nice to know that I have still have the region one dvd I have the leather bound genuinely lead or maybe fake leather I Neil Gaiman and I got signed and he drew me a Sandman inside and I think that would be one your house is burning down what what you save well I genuinely I would be tempted by those but I think I what do I have a really surgery oh no wait my diehard box at this shape and like the next on by Toby Ziegler so I'd probably say those priceless priceless stuff this is a response to stories this week that Disney is beginning to also of the Prince Charles Cinema for example over here in London that was show these run theaters or repertory cinemas which is really frustrating now they seem this is some kind of essentially taking stock in that they actually rethink this nine again keeps those in taking over and then they can afford to take risks on slightly less worrying times in that respect I think you know there was a statistic that I would I would suspect it's more like a third or quarter so there is a a should be lower than they have ever been in history you should be able to digital copies movie movie but it'll have you know they were advertising Netflix and Amazon Prime Shoud be filled with movies and how crazy right but they're not now and the Joyce of casts who'll be very much of the never seen die hard because that's an old movie or I've never seen future originally said that she was working with someone who refused to watch back to the future is an expense but that stuff's on Netflix and Amazon prime but the fact remains that one thousand nine hundred seventy s heist movie really fun heist movie saw it as a kid really the thin man which like French movies one of the sequels I wanted to watch the original I it was incredibly difficult to find would rather give somebody might not you know impair my one thousand nine or whatever the heck it is to watch these old movies as a as a a stick with which to Disney they should open the Fox vaults I mean they have refer James Dyer and we went to see die hard the Prince Charles Enemies incredible I've never seen it in the big screen before and a which gave it a certain result I have to say and also made the the symbolic imagery the watched those films and if they're not available anymore and that's that's really really sad amazon prime I think able to find some classic really older horror films for example on Amazon prime all arsenic and old lace it's not the version really yeah it's a nineteen sixties so you think you're looking for it is not always the thing that you're looking for I do think that the studios dollars on every single time but we do WANNA see your movies we do see your movies and the idea that unnecessarily even studios or companies but maybe buying up old films wholesale it's this channel but if you have satellite TV or whatever there's a great channel called talking pictures the jewels like Suddenly will be on there or the day the you mean giants need to up in the meantime I mean there are resources that you should look to about sometimes to see some of these things so so you just you know go out there and poke there's loads and loads more including somebody just said why an American Werewolf in London is a needs specialist attention that wouldn't be available in closer hospitals just the other week I never thought to ask him this is the biggest question of all the huge at last cell as if that is indeed your real name and I strongly is are we won't see it or just wait for me to ask in panic on Thursday or Friday I Jones or David Michel I'm from tiny flecks haven't unplanned this podcast in any up with the very thought provoking increasingly timely the rover it's the fourth fifth four fifth fear and with the Michaud Joel Edgerton Magic sprinkle over the top and Timmy to with Robert Pattinson not Robert Pattinson is the dough FA blurts Mendelssohn Joel Edgerton as false stuff Sean Harris is again a bit of a a left field turn from show and when he came into London around the time loan film festival is the diocese of you know those early days was a mixture of youth and just the sided good so am I so this should be twenty minutes do you WanNa yes good stuff because I read somewhere that you actually learn about the movie that you make as you're consumed me so completely for so long almost from the outside and May and I find in the process that I always learn stuff about I just I was just amazed at how how frequently people misquoted you know this is after animal kingdom I just read everything goes mysteriously old good and then was absolutely positive I didn't say you've been living with for a long time now you Joel I started writing the back in two thousand thirteen I have no idea what's next and I'm liking it because it feels new every movie I'm very excited by the prospect of whatever's the old brain cells yeah my scholars an empty vessel movie six years but also you know as has been the case before as well as conversations with JAL JAL came to me the Henry full applies and Henry Five on stage when he was fresh out of drama school okay and too shouted drama school you never know whether or not his career waiting for you and and and we love working together yeah so yeah and those early compensated when he basically to make a medieval film whatever that means but it doesn't feel like me okay and also relishing who just being because I'm what I'm doing when I'm thinking about my own stuff is I don't know getting caught and following up this movie that as you say was was universally liked and you know his does I would say yeah and that was itself kind of abstract challenge that was a movie correct we were going to write a script about a kind of Koch ice in the desert I think I you know possibly to my own detriment but I have the idea of doing something exactly hod takes so much time it doesn't feel like a job at feels yeah but it also means I think I probably make it difficult for people to is vastly different from war machine which was different from the roofer which is vastly different from Asmara that he returned to again Joel Bian one guy pearce been another Ben Hannigan and again it's not something that you like to do when do you know you've found somebody the first time because they're really really good really really good people to being you and there is something you know the movies are huge big uh-huh Johnson exception but it's always nice to bring people that especially this one and Joel plays falstaff in this and he's been tastic and altitude can you talk about that decision did I come from him that I come from you well you know and politics but also do with form you know it's with we didn't want to do is a story of Henry five almost as a kind of well-intentioned tyrant yeah shaw some form of Middle English and we want to make the movie in either of the it's kind of it's it it has a formality to it I'm where in that period but also kind of getting a hint that middle English probably in a way the only people in the movie who speak in modern art pay else just has a kind of regional flavor and that's obviously a decision you make right at the beginning impulses works now we did it's it's tricky to sit at a computer we went to Lombok in Indonesia for a couple of weeks early on that was beautiful in wearing the room together but then when the writing starts it's a little bit of and I've had that experience before car ride with other people who I knew were going to direct you going to have to Mike the thing I understand I don't want to argue with I'm just GonNa step back by love karate especially when you know someone is beautiful as jaw of this strange abstract challenge of this feels like in two hours plus movie as it is but was there a longer version at one point did you have want for the fact that Joel character and I'm full stuff is purely shakespearian minute but it was it was quite refined I I'm quite surprised is three the first assemblies are yeah they're always bloated into the beginning of the project two thousand thirteen you were talking about the the themes in the movie and engined I would say has the way the world has changed over the last few years to that change your approach to the movie much as it is UNEMOTIONAL Journey Hal himself it's moving to a certain the universe the better and for worse you know I think they takes in check during their yeah it's a kind of a George W. n. a. and then Obama Administration was it's just interesting to think about how films become timely overtime need right now is predicting ten minutes in the future I know it's funny it's the I had the same I've been working on it for a while but now it's suddenly relevant it's been relevant for fifteen years um absolutely and one question for the David I believe was eight minutes it was ten minutes twelve minutes and just I'm fascinated hey who's timing and be what's it like being on the does everyone get this all the movies at Venice get standing ovation the one jerk that's still sitting doesn't yeah untested Davis been an absolute pleasure talking to you thanks so much thank you for having me all right so let's David me show interesting award which I think is is worth talking about so the pilot TV podcast oh good off their proposed star wars trilogy and their party too busy Kathleen Kennedy's statement about it which says pays tribute to them is incredible storytellers a bit to me let's be possible salty.

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