Key Moments from Day 2 of the Public Impeachment Hearings


Tens testimony today from the former US ambassador to Ukraine on this day two of the house impeachment hearing Democrat Eric Swalwell decries what he calls the Republican defense of president trump when it comes to his eventual decision to unfreeze military funds to Ukraine in exchange for a pledge to investigate the president's political rival Joe Biden isn't it true that the only reason the aid or the only time the aid went to the Ukrainians was after the whistle blower complaint became public yes it was after the whistle blower complaint became public Maria von of itch also agreed once while will said this you don't really get points when you get your hand caught in the cookie jar and someone says he's got his hand in the cookie jar and then you take your hand out several more witnesses are scheduled to testify next week Linda Kenya on Capitol Hill the ousted ambassador testified says he was shocked and devastated at learning the present had disparaged her in the July phone call with the president of Ukraine

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