Brian Good Morning Komo how you doing excellent and you know the we talk a lot we talk a lot about the regional programs and Maryland millions last week and they got the Ohio people this week and you know go back to the end of the Press Kyle season we had the two year old and Pennsylvania obviously people are taking advantage of the opportunity to to race in Pennsylvania and drop their foles absolutely and as you know the great news it came out this week is that Pennsylvania's up twelve point five percent in mayors red when I look at the number because I did a a you know report myself of say how come we're only twelve point five percent well there was a is a mix up with the uptown Charlie Brown I looked at him he had one mayor Brady actually had seventy three Mares Brit and they straightened that out there apparent elitist mix up the jockey club so that was straightened out yesterday so be add his seventy two on there we're actually twenty four percent over over last year and actually I think we're we're probably going to be up a little bit more net whenever he says everything said and done but you're right I mean Optical are are are GonNa go where the program is the is is the best and I think one of the most important the things is the collaboration we have with the horsemen groups at at the retraction Pennsylvania you know they they're very good about helping Pennsylvania program and You know we paid out over thirty million dollars eight years in a row looks like we're going to be had that number again this year so a lot of good things happening NPA the advantage for those that you know the track this kind of information and it's ebbs and flows I mean there's there's programs that a that have had trouble all you have to do is look at New Jersey and whenever there's uncertainty mayor owners breeders whether they're breeding to race or breeding commercially. They're going to go where they can plan ahead and nobody wants uncertainty and ah that that really has been the continuity and there were some there were some concerns about the the money that that comes toward the the breeding and racing in Pennsylvania that bloomer those those fears were allayed though and and you know the state stands Harrisburg understands the benefits of supporting the program given what it does for the farm community and all the trickle down economies correct we three years ago we put the Racehorse Development on in a trust Why don't sweat say we legislate Peter's put it in a trust and so people are now confident that that money is going to be the air because you know like you said you know commitment is in for a year your commitment coming in it's probably five or six years and the getting some you know some more running in you know you're seeing that with the with the new standards that are coming into Pennsylvania I mean with the opportunity the Warriors Reward Uptown Charlie Brown's doing Doing fantastic uncle Lino peace and just this we just Dr Solomon at Pin Oak Lane form Just ince contract for Normandy in Beijing becoming in another tap it so you know things when when people are confident that you know programs on the right track you know you'll see you'll see that by you know the uptick in the Palm Mares bread and and home owners coming in the mid Atlantic we talk we talk on a regular basis this summer and into the early fall with with Alan Norman and the match series and we had a Lotta conversations about Virginia and the the reboot of of racing there and there's you know there's really kind of an inter- intertwined network really for for people that that race in the mid Atlantic I mean with all the the various program awards that breeders and again whether you breathe a racer or you breathe to sell it folded in Delaware certification and Virginia certification and then if you dropped your foal in Pennsylvania Oh my God it oh you I've I've said this a few times can you can literally win a purse and all the awards could be seventy five percent over and above what you want is a purse right I mean you can you can look at that horse was bred by peasy Patterson and Vicki so we call Paul who WanNa Delaware certified the stake a young won a couple of stakes in Pennsylvania a bread I mean you just you know you can't ask for anything better what run down the awards we haven't talked about this in a long time what are the percentages and are they structured well Both breeders and owners benefit from the plan are free your award for maiden made races is fifty percents are a breeder that's horses twenty five percents so we're taking care of them to any other races the Breeder Award Forty Percent Twenty Percent for others owner bonuses up to forty percents at parks and twenty percent of pen and thirty percent at Chris Kyle we have hundreds of restricted races every year we just put in a waiver of Maine claiming So any maiden want us I'm sorry not any meaning Clinton but at at Penn gene maiden claiming race it's twenty five or higher you can waive the claim if you have a PA at parks it's the maiden claiming twenty where you can waive the wave the claim when we wanted to we wanted to give our breeders and opportune unity to get back some of that money that they put out and they're harder time and effort before the horses eligible declined because as you know in Pennsylvania decent Pennsylvania bread boom that's suckers gone and we we also have have discussed you mentioned call Paul who's competed at the highest level but the the string of Pennsylvania bread great at stake with there's and Breeders Cup runners winters I it the whole program has has just gotten better and better given the quality of bears that the state has attracted and these are successes that kind of feed on on themselves and you mentioned Pinot there's there's any number of people that that understand these dynamics and are going to take advantage and that's why the mayors are showing up and it's a boon to a farm operators in the breeding operators absolutely I mean we're we're breathing we're seeing an increase in the number of foles and also an increase in the quality. I mean we have Prince Lucky running tomorrow and a bold ruler we have mirth that pre entered in the the only American her while we have daddy is a legend who ran a nice racer yesterday a tune-up for the matriarch stakes so you're seeing you know you're seeing this happen you know to eclipse award winners last year Shamrock rose and Bella Unique Belvedere before finest city year before that so you know we're just you know we're we're we're we're

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