Tigers fall on road at Oregon as foul trouble limits Wiseman



The NCAA chase young suspension from four games. To your thoughts. Penn State Michigan. What suspension pinch? You need to kiss Maryland and rutgers the giants named gate capital their new manager. Is that a good fit. Didn't work that well in Philadelphia. I think he's deserving of one more chance it will Oregon can beat Memphis and James Wiseman last night. Break it down. They gave him wiseman too stupid fouls in the first half only played five minutes of the first half kill fourteen twelve. He looks he looks great. Cy The young south tonight both of them who you got got to Graham again and I think I got Burland over Garrett Cole. We'll since last one. The Knicks loss to the Bulls last night and are now two and nine. You Watch Watch this game why. There's a new Kobe town. WHO's the new Kobe? Kobe white the Chicago. What did you say did not trae young? I missed on Colby White. We're out of time trying to better the next time. I'm Tony Kornheiser Jeff Kobe. I'm Mike Wilbon. Same time tomorrow knuckleheads. You can get the PTI podcast on the APP for Apple podcasts.

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