Tension between allies overshadows NATO summit


Matter NATO leaders have begun arriving full them me sing in a what would just outside of London that this morning so far still says that he had a very good meeting with president trump of while NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg is said there's nothing new in differences within the NATO alliance we saw some real differences on display yesterday for more we're joined by by bring back great today who's out that may save me sing a wolf and we just heard from Emanuel McCall now Maria who said that NATO should not only be talking about money it was the full out between mac clone and trump in the visible tension on display at the NATO meeting yesterday between the two that sort of taking the headlines so far just he's saying it's not just about money and that is Amaral micron of course the problem is that it's becoming very difficult to determine all the fallen takes from the treatment is for Donald Trump really is in many ways about money he's saying that NATO works wars before a denim because more countries are paying more into NATO he also says that it is serving a purpose because you're seeing more countries take a more active role as you can see why the two men are coming from two very different places and yesterday of course that was very all these one time said that my car had been insulting disrespectful that he had been very nasty to NATO when he said it was I do have to say however trauma one point call need obsolete so the French are wondering what exactly is the difference publications what is the you know John Maynard Keynes I believe that when the facts change I change my mind since I started a new you know at the beginning of his his presidency things have changed has GDP the defense and to be very Frank yes and I was at NATO yesterday they were having an event and many of the people I spoke to their weight and meet at will concede that the pressure from trump who openly said you have to pay up or we're not going to pay we're not going to pay for rich countries did force everyone to think actually has a point and we should make an effort a you're seeing gradually there's not many countries that hit the two percent target but you are seeing more countries he more or make an effort to ward that so that is something that need a would give credit to term for although they say he's ways are not the most diplomatic and when I spoke to John Stockton and I told him look trump is saying and taking all the credit for the increase in spending why are you not taking credit for it he just said I don't care how we get there what I care is that we have strong NATO and trump has made it stronger interesting that we've seen in this sense club is a big deal is that for some reason it's very fit for purpose president John a voice in saying this morning we are investing two percent of GDP in defense I think was a special event you can go to a nice if you are part of that company any stump that much images we got him Maria about what is being talked about behind the scenes and what speeches over the arrivals handshakes I know there's been some video said placing around Justin Trudeau and the the sort of behind the scenes Chad said has been happening between world leaders and add just to go back to the to percent yesterday trump said he would like some countries to pay four percent and this is something that is very confusing to people because they have no idea where he gets a number from in terms of today will there is a video circulating where you see Justin Trudeau macro and mark Rutan Boris Johnson himself and daisy appear to criticize leader they don't need that person but they do say well you know we were late because he took a forty minute press conference he always does as and so on trend has not really talked about this today and the focus on the ground is whether we're going to get a resolution in Turkey whether we get a communique by the end of this and of course China the U. S. would love for nature to toughen their language on China that feeds very much or would be very much into their narrative that over a long period of time China is the biggest threat to western

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