Astros meet Yankees in ALCS



Astros escape the division around last night beating the race six to one they advance to the AL to face the New York Yankees and man Jose Altuve was a big reason why finish the series with three home runs nick this is the matchup that we all wanted the astros in the Yankees would you WanNa see here I'm so excited for this this is what the entire baseball all season was leading up to shout out by the way Jose Altuve who last night became the all time major league leader for postseason home runs by a second baseman you think about that Jose Altuve as ruined he's got another decade playing baseball out of became the all time leader in postseason run for a second baseman this is the best team -ASEBALL the Houston Astros against the best lineup in baseball Chris's New York Yankees I'm so glad Garrett Cole pitch that Jimmy did last night eight eight innings to hit escape one home run and that was it because it sets this matchup that'd be waiting for all you it is a classic match I'm looking forward to it we got our stage manager Joe like Yeah Brigham Nationals mind having to raise it should be a great great series I hope it doesn't take something away from the world series because what's happening on the other side but this should be great grey serious yeah race had a great series but it's nice to see the astros playing the Yankees which is what here fan of the game this is what you want the Astros top three pitchers ninety six million this year the raise as a team sixty four million this so the fact that even guy at five on Astros I think we're hold of the

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