Movember: Early detection is key


Everybody's got a moustache why because its mould them Burr and we're coming down to the end of November and I know you've probably heard me on ten calmly junior I probably sitting with prices for a minute or two later on tonight for me when the US of a major earlier today and this really serious and it's something that more men should be willing to discuss now animal Kelly show we talk about some of these health issues all the time if only because to Wallace sharp is are walking medical dictionary if there's a procedure he's gone through it if this is a medical terminology or billing issue he's had to deal with it so it's something that we talk about more often but men generally don't usually want to talk about issues such as like testicular cancer or colon cancer and I would wonder I know what I'm not saying it is a both I'm just saying because it's something that men should know do you as a man know how to examine yourself for testicular cancer or symptoms of that signs of that do you know what the symptoms and signs of colon cancer all are you willing to have a colonoscopy by age fifty this is my last weekend in my forties I'm not happy about it I'm struggling with it I'm not going through a midlife crisis because I damn sure know that I'm not mid life anymore I'm on the wrong side of that mid life crisis and that's a crisis but none the less and I say it with a jovial spirits the reality is is something that we as men have to be willing to be honest about and I always say you can lie to me just don't lie to yourself these are things that we use men must need to take care of another words do you know the symptoms of within large prostate do you know what how that manifests itself as far as urination frequency of urination at night stopping and starting out of urine flow when you trying to go to

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