Netflix, Boeing And Disney Johnson discussed on Forensic Talk with Jim Campbell


Bet again we don't rationalize we care about price but all Netflix is done is moved in its trading where it was eighteen months ago it's still pretty decently below the highest when it opens tomorrow if it opens at this number of course they'll be I believe a conference coal and now whatever else they got it and that's all the market wrap is brought to you by investment this models dot com that surgeon more back on a great market timers but no gray areas with the menu either in or out of the market with this proprietary indicators go check it out investment dash models dot com on the day now I'm gonna give you numbers that don't seem like a lot happened who a lot happens the only down twenty two in the Dow today losers dawaly chevron Microsoft United health Exxon a gainer Boeing up one but was up six at one time dupont Disney Johnson and Johnson was up to McDonald's

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