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Check if you take a look at a lot of the things that Donald Trump wanted to do they've been blocked by the courts so what I try to say is that there is no one ended see that has all the power the executive is checked by the Congress the executive is check by the courts the Congress has check by the courts I mean that's kind of the way it works and in your first chapter on starting a movement you actually say social change doesn't come from politicians the people tell them what they want to happen and certainly when we look at all the great social movements of the past century it's usually come from the bottom up and especially today I wonder I it seems like fewer and fewer titians in Washington or brave enough to rely on their own conscience maybe the people would be doing him a favor by telling them what to yeah I think that's right I think people are hesitant to tell people in power what they ought to do because they just feel like well what's that's not my place but it is your place the people who our elected whether they're in Congress whether they're in the city council or the local school board they're there to serve you you're not there to serve them so the more that you can express your views us either individually or in a group I think the more impact you'll have the more successful will be as a country in that same chapter are you single out the teenage environmental activists Greta Tune Berg for praise that might surprise some people especially Republicans wouldn't you admire most about her ben first of all I got to tell you I don't think of myself like Kay I'm a Republican right I think of myself as an American I think of myself as a try to be uh you know a man of faith I don't I don't like look through some prism you know a red prism to figure out how I feel it really doesn't matter to me if people don't like the people that I hold up in this book I mean I'd I'd like them to understand why put them in the book this was a fifteen year old girl that stood outside the parliament and protested saying that I'm worried about my future and I'm worried about my environment and she just stood there that's all she did and then she was there like every day for wild and she decided she could only be there one day a week and now she's become you know created an international movement of people who are concerned about about the environment about the earth and I think that's incredible it's fantastic who would have thought it and you know she was just a fifteen year old girl

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