Flooding and Climate Change


Large parts of the the United Kingdom recently headquartered a lot of rain when I look out my window to the river who's is that the riverside path is under about a meter of water and the river is about four times as normal width by the color of the water. It looks as though even more topsoil is being flushed out into the no see more heavy rain is forecast all cost for this weekend as Hurricane Lorenzo weakens and makes its way across the Atlantic generally whether in the UK is an inconvenience lenience elsewhere can be far more serious. We have to be very careful not to say that these weather extremes prove the climate change is happening. We we can certainly say that. If climate change predictions are correct these adjusted sort of weather events which we would expect experts have warned that a a section of the poem. Paseo glossier on my block is at risk of collapsing according to the Safe Mountain Foundation two hundred in fifty thousand cubic meters of ice must be about two hundred fifty thousand tonnes could break from the rest of the glassy. If this volume of ice fell down it would reach the valley floor in eighty seconds Stefan Barrichello a public work council of the AILSA Valley Aljazeera these phenomena once again show that the mountain goes through phase of strong changes due to climate factors Stefanina MS rookie the man of the nearby city of Coal Maya said in a statement that'll it is particularly vulnerable in India. One hundred people have died in Freddie in the states of Bihar an Qadesh with vast areas be inundated by delayed monsoon rains in talk for dish ninety. Three people have died due to the incessant. Rains is which caused hubs to collapse and led to an increase in snake bites dozens of people have also died in behind where boy boats have been deployed to rescue skew strategy residents experts blame a lack of planning and poor drainage systems which have been unable to cope with sudden an incessant rains range of the recent days Onnell Sean of the India Meteorological Department said Bihar and experienced a deficit of monsoon rains until into last week. When heavy rains returned levels to normal a major cause of the flooding was the lack of natural drainage affected areas? He explained not actual drainage has been destroyed. Not Repulsive being destroyed people have built the houses on the flood plains these other problems because once you destroy the natural drainage water doesn't to find a place to go out it leads the flooding he had warnings continue

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