Can You Have Your Carbs and Eat Them Too?


Truth is cops crucial to optimum health and today I want to delve right in and explain exactly why this is in the hope that you'll never affair a slice of bread or bowl of pasta again said joining me to explain the truth about cops is registered Dietitian Hala El Shafie who specializes in eating disorders amp bariatric surgery. Hello Hala Hello Raymond how are you I'm very well I think the topic guide to discuss today is so so typical of the questions that you and I as registered help fresheners you as a registered Dietitian registered nutritionist. Get every single day by the two star if we thought we've cobs were as they are said to be in the media so-called of weight gain then surely we should see everybody on a cop diets lose more weight than those on higher moderate carb diets but that's not the case as it it's not the case I mean there's so many misconceptions about nutrition as a whole and uh hydrates are of no exception in fact actually it's it's it's really of the scale actually and there are so many misconceptions and it's actually very concerned because it's now got to the point where it's actually dangerous and we are seeing issues and I'm sure you'll sing issues in your clinic with people who have literally taken a whole foods great without understanding the importance of you know ensuring that you have the right types of foods and also nutrients within within the Diet so I think we start with what is a cop so we're gonNA start with the bike basically in simple terms right now it's actually a compound that's made up of carbohydrates oxygen and hydrogen but to put it in sort of Clayton's we I mean carbohydrates are actually basically split into simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates a lot of people will have head about but maybe they don't actually understand what that means in really simple terms it's really how the body actually digest them actually how we we use them um yeah no very well expanding most people would think of simple as a piece of white bread or complex is a piece of Brown bread and cops a such an important component wouldn't of the Diet so let's talk through some of the reasons why today we are saying perhaps you actually need these carbohydrates when you really do need carbohydrates and we are getting so many makes messages in the media about what we don't need carbohydrates and on a technicality you could survive without carbon interest however this is the preferred source of energy in the body and also the the brain actually needs glucose okay which is what arteries broken down into twenty five percent of our brains energy like that's few but glucose exactly right and also it it does affect our moods you know there are lots of different aspects hair and my biggest concern is what we breakdown foods into nutrients we don't go into the super walk by nutrient we don't order nutrients in a restaurant good analogy about it yeah so when you actually break it down like that it stops to become a nonsense because it actually is a nonsense but that nonsense is causing serious issues for many many people because of the lack of understanding so hopefully today will be able to dispel most if not all of those myths now I think not so so true and we will let me be discussing those really important factors because we know and we both know that Serotonin is a happy hormone and actually serotonin plays a role with the doc melatonin which regulates Circadian Rhythms and I'll sleep slang cool and also a lot of it comes from the gut which links back to things like how healthy is you got the hydrates contribute to that but will impact Hala could cutting carbs have on someone what are the kind of signs that people tend to see I think the most obvious sign is poor energy levels so irritability you hear the term angry I mean seriously you ask anybody I was Kinda asked today I mean literally don't speak to me Miss Lunch I'm late for lunch because honestly you beyond realizing traffic I think Buckingham Palace was closed and we decided to go Toria for lunch and about an hour later in traffic I was an hour behind my lunch and we had to go home and give up road rage yes exactly no and it does it does affect your mood because it's Dr Rightly affecting your blood sugars I want your blood sugars are not no longer stable that has a direct effect now A lot of people assume on I don't have the willpower and so on and so forth but it's actually not about that it's about the physiological effect that it has on the body thank you for clarifying that so I think a lot of people think about willpower and they think that then good an awful they can't say no so you said it is eve Lucien basically absolutely I mean everything that we eat has a direct effect on our gut digestion and our blood sugars then has an effect on how we actually function yeah and as a human and it's so much more than wait I'm so upset that nutrition has now been just devalue to just weight loss weight gain yeah I mean with all due respect I didn't train for as long as I can you didn't train for as long as you did needed any of our colleagues in the failed just to do weight loss thank you I feel like if I give a talk somewhere it's always well how you going to help me lose weight razz like he just said look at your energy levels your concentration your mood every day your sleep patterns all of these factors backed absolutely everything including your ability manage wait your stress levels because there's a hormonal and balanced which is absolutely crucial now you start messing around with nutrition and what you're eating you will start to also have a negative knock-on effect to your physiology over so much I want to delve into starring with things I'd calories uh I think she let's start with them why I mean I see people in my clinic that a skydive white cops do you WanNa just explain we shouldn't beginning what is difference between white I'm Brian ah okay so basically what we talking is simple carbohydrates okay now if we actually breakdown going back to the biochemistry of what carbohydrates now they're actually broken down into Monica royds which is the simplest form and actually about how the gut actually absorbs the carbohydrates you eat the next category is soccer is which is to the matter together one time and then we go to only a few yeah I'm paulie which is yes exactly so yeah there we go that's about taking UNITA remain both so the factor here is that anything that we eat in the die all the police have to be broken down into monasteries now policy cycle rides which is five of which were talk about later cannot be broken down okay so that then means that there is a direct effect on your blood sugar or not the case may be okay so it does affect our blood sugars and that's why it's important going back to white bread it is a simple sugar it's broken down into you should get it does have a direct effect on your energy levels and stabilizing those act simply doesn't mean of course there's a good or bad food because they have the I don't use that terminology and I focus on reeducating clients on patients on that because that has such a negative tation with regards to your relationship with food there is no such thing as a good or bad food this is not a wrong alright situation it's about the silence of our diet and also to to be quite perfectly honest it's okay to have those feeds occasion of course would be without them we don't just eat for nutritional states exactly I completely agree and you've mentioned blood sugar with Tom I think people would have had a lot of is Gi all the glycemic index I'm not sure everyone knows exactly what that means so should people be focusing on the GI of food only if you'll working with a register a nutritionist or registered Dietitian explained the reason why on its own you will get yourself into trouble lacey wise just to throw out for example watermelon has a higher gi the chocolate cake oh my God rights so there you go so you could get yourself into a lot of hot water and into a bit of a mess if you're just doing that so it's really in context and it's really about the balance of your whole not just in one day because we can't get everything that we need in in just one day low gi is good for them but let you decide chocolate cake lower than watermelon yeah yeah one hundred it's very very important that in mind so of course the exception to focusing on things like Gi diets again if you diabetic and I think let's separate them out type one diabetes aside just for second can you explain a bit more about type two diabetes and why this may be affecting them with blood sugar levels so basically type two diabetes you have an insufficiency of Insulin production from the pancreas but also your body has just become less able to actually utilize that incident in very basic terms however the nutrition is absolutely crucial and somebody was type two diabetes it is as is activities well now if you do have type two diabetes you absolutely need to be under registered Dietitian diabetic team as well because they're all serious implications of not being able to manage your blood sugars over a period of time now the has been some really interesting research with against me carbohydrates diet yeah diets because I hear it all the time I hear give up carbs if you've got type two diabetes well it's not that simple now Lecomba hydrate diets can be safe and effective in the short term but remember said can be effective in the short time so that is what that's also why we need to ensure that you are under registered Dietitian and diabetic team to be able to manage your blood sugar levels as well also feel blood sugars become very hello and you'll you become hypoglycemic which is also the risk of having a low carbohydrate diet then you could potentially be in trouble so that is also a factor which people who don't consider oh no I think they always seem take the sugars out hate the shook out and actually sometimes they really need the sugars absolutely so it can what both ways and again it's reiterated the importance of not just taking something out of your diet without fully understanding what it does I mean the UK government guidelines recommend approximately fifty Centerville total energy intake should be from cops in itself and this is helpful rule of thumb to follow but obviously were unique aren't we so we are absolutely unique think just to clarify that for a what we need to be looking at it's not just the type of carbohydrate but the quality and the quantity and that is where people go wrong so to speak so and that's why working with the healthcare professional who is qualified and actually knows what they're doing because you know all of us that is a research based and evidence based in shows that we keep you safe because that's what it's about at the end of the day and so many people I ended up getting into so many problems as a result of doing something on their own you specialize in eating disorders Holler as well bariatric surgery and you must see this kind of thing over time with people just suddenly being very scared of a food group this phenomena I mean they're all research statistics on this but anecdotally I am seeing a serious increase in food version food and their foods and specifically carbohydrates and it saw misplace but the fear is very very real and trying to pick that's because somebody has read an article all started am a diet without understanding really what the implications the you know has very very serious

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