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Halloween well since the joker movie hit theaters. I didn't the joker I would love to see this weekend here it's good it's great I would love to see it I love me I hear mixed reviews actually are really but I thought we I always I I loved Jack Nicholson as joker I loved we heath ledger as job and Yo- you know like I think what looks like a good I think he's he's he has that little kind of crazy edge when he had his little hip hop career we all try to but but I feel like he's edgy enough and by Edgy like I hate to say crazy Christie a little crazy gradient well since the movie hit theatres Yes 'cause players and tourists rush to visit the now famous staircase watching danced on after transforming into the joker isn't in the Bronx right in the Bronx he's live around there isn't one hundred sixty seven th street wrong yes and he used to be a place locals we did because it was said to be dark and dangerous at night you don't WanNa come up the stairs and yeah but it's since become sort of landmark for fans of the film I can't in the Bronx Farley has wait

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