Fortnite Potentially Facing Class-Action Lawsuit for Being Too Addictive


Right now we are talking about a class action suits been filed on behalf of two parents who are lousy at being parents absolutely positively disgusting lousy an embarrassingly bad at being parents they are suing the makers of the game fort night it's epic games because the game is addictive the actual quote from the lawsuit says they knowingly put on the market a very very addictive video game that is very addictive very very addictive in legal terms adding that extra very I think that can get you an extra ten variant I have to check I think that's the case I anyway it's a very very addictive game which will have the was also geared towards you with that's according to Alice Sandro Esposito Chartrand the lawyer for the the represent the parents they say fortnight's creates a chemical addiction employers by releasing dopamine it does that's been proven video games do release dopamine if in your system if you do well you get a high from it but it isn't it also on the parents to make sure their kids are playing too many video games I remember when I had my daughter they handed me a parenting got they didn't but I I I and I naturally new with that I did want my kid playing too many video games and I did let her do it they don't my son do either a fortnight allegedly worth what worked a psychologist to make the game as addictive as possible you can still find out you can still tell your kids they can't play it and the story and the lawsuit claims that epic should've warned players of the risks they'll face by playing the game and the game company new with their creation was dangerously addictive but they didn't and now all my god you have to be a parent and isn't that

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