More parents change pleas to guilty in college admissions scandal


Several more parents accused in the college admissions scandal have admitted guilt and trying to get their children into prestigious schools using false credentials but yesterday's guilty pleas in a Boston federal court room were a little different they came from parents would maintain their innocence but have now reverse themselves KCRW's Vicki **** has more on one of those parents Douglas Hodge of Orange County hajj is the former chief executive of global investment giant pimco which is one of the world's largest asset management firms the Laguna beach father has admitted paying five hundred twenty five thousand dollars to have two of his children admitted to U. S. C. a sports recruits hajj had earlier turned down a deal offered by federal prosecutors and had maintained his innocence but last week he and other parents who protest of the charges were warned they could be charged with committing federal program bribery this week KCRW's Vicki

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