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We're gonNA talk about the week ahead I know last week was pretty hard for a lot of people I did say it was going to have a lot of stress energies and then you know had a few people report in cancer diagnoses or reveals of things that were a little harder to find out you know like Gee that I didn't know that was happening or I found out this you know so it it's a it's it's you know remember the bigger picture that we're working with here as all these planets move forward somebody somebody said to me so like what's going on yeah it's like really brutal and I'm like it is it's it's hard choices and I just want to encourage everybody to be very gentle with yourself you know and really kind of take extra care extra care on the self care extra care on how you nurture yourself you know like hanging out with people that you find supportive rather than people that are you know giving you a hard time about stuff and really honoring how do you support yourself how do you support others as we go towards this forward motion monumental Choice and there is a lot of kind of mean energy out there so when I see that I'm always Kinda like you know the there was a thing this week with Ellen Degeneres sitting next to President Bush and everybody yelling at her it's like you know respect for everybody's choices and because the planets are you know the Saturn Pluto are the dogmatic hard father energy the hard authoritarian power you must do this and this week we're having of energy kind of working with that you know like in your face really you want to kind of watch when you're coming across as dogmatic and you must or if someone's coming dog matic you cause remember a lot of times when they're coming after you really is their issue that they haven't resolved yet because there objecting it on you and they're telling you you do it and you kind of look and you go actually that's my it's not my issue that's your issue just kind of being taking an extra moment to be kind and to kind of look for where the blessing is look for the key you know the moment of consideration the moment of thinking I had someone come here and we were talking about his dead wife was you know and he said my wife would lean forward and she'd say have you ever considered in a in you know hoping open the space way and he was in areas and he goes I you know I make decisions I'm like next and she was say you ever considered and so you wanna kind of you know because the energy is like next you want to kind of take that posture of Oh have you ever considered and what that would do now that said you may be like no next and I'm good with that because we are making being choices for our future and we're deciding January January twelfth seven Pluto getting married man so you're going down the aisle with them that day whether you want we're not so you WANNA look at your life and go so like who do I wanNA marry January right I mean we're they're getting married twenty two in your chart you know what you're planning to twenty two capricorn that are getting married to the big guys right so honoring that there's this man of how do we how do we consider and consider of course is sitter whenever anybody says it I always sit up sitter it stars scenarios Odi AC con Sitter working with the stars you go astrology is everywhere man it's everywhere I recently heard Rick Levin say that you know at the conference he goes yeah when they say they don't believe in astrology I go so like you don't use it calendar 'cause the days of the week are all named after the planets right Sundays Sunday Saturn stays Saturday moon day is Monday right and if you know your French or Spanish America J. Marty's Fonder D- those are all you know named the planet's two so our job this week is to honor and to consider how we WANNA work with stars how we want to work with the paths in our lives that are opening up before us the choices were being presented with and the options ahead of us the other thing that happens this week we're going to have a big old mercury retrograde motion the first part of November cause retrograde on Halloween and it's retrograde for twenty one days in November today it enters shadow meaning yesterday actually it under yesterday yesterday and today Mercury under the shadow so what you're going to be working with on the mercury degrade has just shown up right and has just stepped forward and said this is what you're going to work on and you will get it over the next few days you know we approached the shadow this also means that you're going to hear from your old ghosts and I always encourage you to talk to go especially now because these are the Scorpio ghosts and mercury in Scorpio always has really good stories it seems like there's all sorts of secrets being leaked now and you know we can see it in politics we can see it in stories coming forward people wanting to tell us things This week we had a lot about Matlin hour and his behavior Ronin Farrell's new books coming out and he's like I didn't do that and you're Kinda like all right you know the C Chris coming out you know and it and it is part of the job of the Saturn Pluto because they're writing the wrongs they're rectifying the structures they're looking at the structures that are not working for us and they're saying you need a better structure what do you want that structure to be with the idea being getting that structure it in place in January and then starting to build on it all next year right and then really building the next thirty six years so watch for the season ritz in your life mercury is GonNa go retrograde and he is going to talk to you you know so he's going to go all the way up to last year Scorpio and then he's GonNa come on way back down he is in the path of fire so people are very fiery with their communications the Venus is in the path of fire. She's in Scorpio the sun is in the path of fire which is via combustive which is there's a bunch of mean stars and the part and this part of the heavens so Mars will be there next week so I'm oh my little cat just came over to like I said we're going to have a cat visit at this this podcast so the energy of the heavens is really inviting us to find that we're maybe a little on fire and that we're really you know kind of feeling this passionate energy the other thing that happens is last today at six forty six oh seven PM There was a full moon tonight full moon in aries which takes us back to aries time October tape rhyl rather thirteen of eighteen and then back to Capricorn Time January thirteenth of this year and now we have the full moon right and so then when we get to cancer next summer we have the closing when we get to June thirteenth get out of my water um everybody likes my water yeah so we're GONNA have this energy of new vision and seeing things is and reveals because the mercury Venus in Scorpio are tolin tails and Venus now mercury doubt going retrograde it's communication it's paperwork it's things coming to light you WANNA ask you WanNa Kinda say hey you know what if someone calls as long as they're safe goes you know some of them are go should ever talked to again but if they're safe ghost or if you run into someone and they share something that kind of sheds a little light on a situation from your pass that allows you to reframe it and give you a different vision of it that's really important too and I know I always watch the scores b-best stuff because I have a Lotta Scorpio my chart but with mercury there it wants to tell you things that you need to know for decision it's it's it's a decision making mercury remember mercury and Scorpio the energy of Scorpio's about accounting for things and so it's saying to you need to account for this you need to assure this you need to add this factor into your decisions so he also is e- Scorpio's financial sign so we need to think about that this financially we need to think about this in terms of the value to us and what is so it's an interesting energy that we have this week around this consciousness of things coming to light feeling very impassioned also taking it into consideration consider have you ever are considered have you ever tried to work with so blessings on that and honoring where the space is of DC connect now this week Mars is GonNa Square the nodes of fate when he does that he gives us choices he's GonNa ask us to make some choices remember he is entering Venus and Scorpio so he's a little in dense and he's pretty passionate and he also is making choices so it's important to take into consideration to take into balance and as we go forward into the fall season and the days get shorter and shorter and shorter we are really in that time of descending into the internal L. darkness seeing the plants shed their leaves she ing the world release here at least in the northern hemisphere down south everything's blooming but we're released thing we're entering that phase of deep Al Chemical Transformation Scorpio is the sign of alchemy and WE'RE GONNA be experienced this transformation in our lives in the lives of our friends and it is time when things are going to be revealed illnesses will be diagnosed stories will change and it's not going to be I don't think it's going to be as hard as last week was but it is Mercury Scorpio so you you might find that some of the stories that you're told are a little harder than you would like all right so tonight do your ritual it's about releasing back to April back to January of last year April of last year January of this year culminating sending it out into the world and so the Moon Today the moon today's and areas with a closing aspect of square to Pluto at six and it read and it goes into tourists tomorrow afternoon at twelve twenty four p That is Thanksgiving Day in Canada happy Thanksgiving are IAN friends that is suck us in the Jewish tradition that is Columbus Day here most people have the day off I will be working because I just Ted ten days off and I can't be too much of a slug Abed even though I might WanNa sleep in tomorrow morning so anyway the moon goes into tourist twelve twenty four four and Monday and Tuesday with that lovely moon tours a really very productive days Munin tourists has a lovely trying to Pluto at four thirty eighty seven am kinda pushing it forward and then the moon is void all day Wednesday on the sixteenth goes forward or four thirty seven in the morning void all day but a good closing aspects so even though it's you can get a lot of stuff done but just don't start new stuff but you really good aspects Monday all day Tuesday all the seventeenth and all the eighteenth going void at ten fourteen pm moon is trying winning Geminis trying Sunan Libra so those are very collaborative cooperative connecting relating partnering

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