Lori Loughlin likely taking Felicity Huffman route, copping plea in college admissions scandal


I'm sorry Laughlin and the college admissions scandal so there's been a lot of conversation about this over the last couple of days because other parents are entering please as this case progresses because Laurie Laughlin and Felicity Huffman were of course the big names that we knew but there are a lot of people who were allegedly involved in this scandal she may not go to trial after all in her college admissions case because sources are telling TMZ that now there is an opening for a plea bargain in the wake of Felicity Huffman super light sentence that Laurie's big break came with the probation department sentencing report for Felicity so essentially here the probation department says no one suffered a loss as a result of Felicity Huffman's conduct prosecutors argued that someone who took the SAT though was probably denied admission somewhere because Melissa the starters scored higher but probation is saying that's not the case that nobody was directly harmed in so that impacts your sentence yeah so I don't know we'll have to see lots of people are thinking that she's probably gonna do a plea bargain before this goes to trial I mean if you can imagine all the stuff that's going to come out in a trial yeah like we're not living the sordid lives but if you if you went to a trial like your personal dirty all the times we've back behave badly out I mean there yeah it is and unfortunately there's like tax message records of everything now our Laughlin's daughters are no longer involved at U. S. C. among this scandal they are not currently enrolled as with the U. S. C. register are told us

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