Changes in the Music Industry, Will Their Be Another Beetles?



I've often said there have been about two songs this year that I think have been really screwed by country radio one of them wholly and one of them was body back because they were so popular people wouldn't let them say popular and I thought for Georgia line in San both got screwed in the factory that is country radio and make get rid of it and I thought this song should have been number one for radio five six seven weeks it. Was that big the song yeah. Did you feel the same way I mean as a writer. You hope something like that would happen and you have a lot of hits you feel different about this one. No it felt it felt very impactful tactful and and it's interesting the tricky thing is it just went up really quick because the momentum of them and then how big it was so it it was very impactful but it kind of like came in then went you know what I mean and the two quickly yeah it has it has a life after that like because of the type of song it is and the artists that they are but but yeah I mean I think it should have been four or five weeks at least don't chest killing the the culture of country music and the fact that songs come and go so fast that when we were kids songs in general to these countries format they would last for eight nine weeks and they became anthems and we think think of our life because of these songs remember where we were and now gone no absolutely I mean it seems like the disconnects I mean to be extreme about about a buddy who is my mentor told me back in the day the DJ's would show up at their record collection and that's why you play right and now obviously and you you. You're one of the days who seems to play a lot of what you play. I remember driving probably a year and a half ago and hearing you play mayor and early on and go. Oh my gosh you know like before. It was really catching you. Were like really playing that in. Thank you man you've been such a supporter of artists early on but it's a machine and I understand I understand both sides of it understand how it sort of needs to be in this modern time but it doesn't necessarily allow for the context of a the DJ helping decide those things sometimes and then more importantly truly as the fans fan response and if the fans responding let it go you know I agree so much to me. The weird thing is that a song can be number one and then the next day every song doesn't go from being awesome some sucking in twelve hour. No it just gets dropped off all of the playlist and so it's gone and because of that I think inevitable it just so we're not in ten years going to have and again. We're we're never going to have the same we've ever in the history of the world ten years and never the same totally. It's never the same but I I think these songs that just remind like we had songs like I remember hearing Indian outlaw on the radio. Remember hearing smells like Teen Spirit on the radio. I know I I feel myself and know where they were yeah. I know that's going to happen anymore. It's it's a similar thought. If you WANNA go all the way back to like there'll never be another the beatles impart for many reasons but in part that we live in a different world like part of what made the Beatles the Beatles besides the talent was it was there was a mystery. You know you couldn't in just get on instagram and go look at what Paul was doing this morning. You know I could be I didn't but I could be on your answer again and what was bobby doing today and see that and vice versa and whatever there's no mystery and even though you got united just meeting for the first time some of it feels like we already know each other because of the friendships but also social media in life and the overlap and the Moderna not as it were back then there was just everything was like I heard I think that maybe until when the Beatles landed man it was like literally when they landed people were there in mass freaking out because they didn't know what was going on. They didn't really know what they look like in person they wanted to go see it and feel it. You know so that kind of excitement just you can't recreate it. I think options also create that listen. There were three TV channels totally and you're on one of the three TV channels at worst you know twenty five percent of the audience period where we have five hundred channels now totally I mean we're looking at I just as an example that a TV network candidates. Hey what you do the show I hate you should come to the show doesn't feel right. I didn't want to this particular. TV show and then we're like we don't understand like you do the show and you'll have two hundred and fifty thousand people watching. I was like guys not to be Dick but after three million people that listen to my show live and another three million that listen on podcast digitally everyday totally and and back in the day it was ten times that totally like we're losing our. It's such a world of an interstate in cars driving by like. Do you like the right car. Get a like it while it was there yeah it's interesting. The turnover rate for everything just seems a lot quicker and that's you know. It's not just the business in marketing conversation as you know. It's also a creative commerce. Do you think if killing art do you think it's killing art or is it making it better because I do see arguable sides. I'm asking you do you think I think I'm not trying to cop hop out. I think it's a bit of both like it depends on you know everything evolves right so art has to evolve and has to be able to function in that new society. I mean it's like did the computer computer. Kill Art Music Making I don't know it depends if you're a tape machine purest. I love the sound of a great day machine record but I also love the things that I can do the computer to manipulate something. Do you ever see Jim Morrison. Talk about the computer. Probably Seventy Yeah Ebb obviously before he died. He was doing an interview and he was like you know what the future in a blew me away like you know the future music is I think he's talking about in the seventies and he's by the way for those was listening. Jim Morrison's the doors very famous. I died way early and he was like it's GonNa be. It's computers totally in the seventies he he was saying that he was probably more spot on then he could have ever imagined because as you well know there's a sector of music that is almost specific vic. Everything is the computer you know. It's not like country music. Typically involves lies live instrumentation still and it's becoming more prevalent again in pop but with a lot of dance music it's it's like everything is literally in the computer and to me. That's not a better or worse or it's just a different way of doing it's like do you. Can you still be created within those confines. You know so we would have songs songs predict what these thirteen year olds have. What will they be able to get in the art art world and go you know this really reminds their snapchat story I well? That's the interesting thing about it the that train of thought even though it's logical and get it it goes goes to the thing of where people literally thought we'd be flying in cars right. Now you know when conceptually it's possible we could go by hundred thousand dollar car that flies right but it's not the Co.. It's not commonplace so even though technology's evolving really quickly they're still what people want except as normal formats is moving way less us quickly so songs will exist. I think forever they really will what kind of songs how what length of time as acceptable you know where they where they go shorter. Is it going to be two minutes and they're already going shorter. Are they telling you because again. I'm lucky enough to be in the high level. I see research. What happens is with music is we'll take it and I say we don't pay for it but I get to see the results of we'll take it and have thousands of people listen to the radio songs? They haven't heard you get scores from. 'em Scores too. I mean it's it's sometimes you over. DOUBT IT yourself and I've seen some really great songs not be scored highly in the opposite but it it's data and what we're seeing is that people get bored with anything over about three minutes twenty seconds totally yeah I mean it was pointed out to me that they're speeding things up you know and not only are they showing but they're speeding them up meaning. They'll take a song and I'm telling you doing industry secretive but they'll take it and speed up three percent so the song even moves faster and if you ever hear on the radio like when you play a bag on your computer your but does it seems a little slower. It's because radio plays them a little faster and they want them shorter. Yeah it's interesting man as a writer I mean I I still write stuff that I feel that that hopefully goes without saying that is truly the case but I'm also I have alike business. I have an inclination towards it in there to me. Those aren't necessarily at odds and so I've had this understanding of the reality that in a business sense a song writers were were selling ads on radio station. We are with inside your morning show in the sense of like they want either here you and then hear the ad and come back to here you you are they gonNa hear our song and we're going to keep them on there so they can ultimate here the ad and I'm okay with that. It is what it is. I've chosen to be in the Billboard Business Not Billboard magazine bestselling billboards. I I did not choose to be in the. I'm not trying to paint the Mona Lisa not not degrading our art. I think you can make amazing art in that context but it's just a different thing. It's like like we're not we're not just sitting on our bedrooms writing songs because writing exactly GonNa say and maybe someone who listened to it once were trying to write stuff that means to us it makes us feel stuff but that will reach the masses and so that's the format that we're allowed this to be able to put it on radio to put it on spotify basically either selling ascriptin subscription spotify or are keeping on radio station so they listened to the ad and it's of course needed because you've gotta have the money to do the thing and I'm okay with that. It's just the funny thing when you think about it you now you get angry as a songwriter that right now it's kind of the wild west and you guys are not getting paid what you should be getting with streaming services yeah. It's it's it's very complex situation nation in very frustrating truly and I've been constantly trying to be engaged as much as I can different different ways and I had an interesting conversation with someone the other day who represents a very well known established old school producer in l. a. and they both had invested in spotify and we were talking about some of that stuff and it it was like you know I don't fault spotify specifically like the if I was GonNa Fault anybody more than anything. It's it's truly the legislation that we let the government putting the legislation on us as riders that we have I mean we're literally imagine going. Hey can you come to show in New York and you sign a new contract or whatever it is and they go you want to charge X. amount of dollars but the government says no you can only charge a quarter of that that we're going to regulate that right because we think. Dj's make too much or too monopoly or whatever it is no when you go do a show if you're playing with your band everything you negotiate your rate or whatever that is you know it's like it's it's it's fair market. I can't do that as a writer with two thirds of my income one part of it I can to sink when you get something place film and TV we go we'll negotiate that rate and and they've also through that process realized that half of it should be the records half of it should be for the song right so if someone gives you a ten thousand dollar placement to have your song on some movie or something half of it goes to the record inside half goes to the song but when it comes to mechanical rates when it comes to performance all

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