The Rays Bullpen Their Way Past Justin Verlander and the Astros


Start with what happened last night in the trump the raise in the Astros Justin Verlander Future Hall of Famer on the Mound for short rest effectively for the first time in his entire career and you know what he didn't look right from the get-go to Tommy Fam- drives on the left Centerfield this what is hit well it is just over the wall the right of three seventy eight Tommy van has put the razor head one nothing that of course Fleming on ESPN radio he's working with Imboden who was noticing that ver- lander just didn't look right he kept stacking back off the man he was having trouble with the signs you just never looked comfortable the raise continued to rally in the first two Grou- ball left side past the dive into left field Brantley will feel the joy around third there will be no throw joy comes into score d'arno knocks in run to nothing raise joey window into the plate in the bottom of the first pitch is light into right field asking to be a hit and it's GonNa roll all the way to the wall Garcia around Third Hill score here comes Dr no he gets to go sign the relay throw is there and DR no stops turns around and goes back to third yes so they had a three early and if you looked at Justin verlander space after that first inning it was like he got punched in the Chin the Astros going for legacy going another championship this year and they're down in game for trying to avoid a game five and the top of the fourth inning. The Astros rallied your Don Alvarez bonded the gap and what happened after that was amazing breathes out and throws line tried to the Cap right-center on moved here Myrick can't get it it's Short hops the wall glazed camel to bid at third is being way Dallas for the relay here's the throw domino's got it in a perfect relay as heard on WD troy how `bout that play how perfectly they did from Kevin Kerr Meyer to Willie dommage to Travis Dr no you can't do better than that and you could see in the face of Jose altuve after he was called out like are you kidding me with that throw that is a heck of a play that textbook like you learn that growing up and it cannot be executed better than that love with the rated there yeah on Espn Radio Jim Bowdoin was talking about how this series really has been Williams's coming out party that continued in the bottom of the fourth pitch for lander to the plate on Thomas drives one deep at center field that star is getting bigger and brighter it is going on that walk it was a monster home run four nothing lead for the raise and look the story in that game was about Justin verlander future hall of Famer not pitching that l. but the race pitching was outstanding they started with an opener Diego Castio and is the game went along and Kevin cash kept calling on relievers in the when he went to a starter Blake Snell to close out the game is one to pitch is a fastball hit right back up the middle and that's exactly where Wendell is playing he's got it on a backhand he throws the first for the owls and that ends the game we are going to get a game five in Houston

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