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14 after on America in the morning as we turn the page on a new month. Here's the national forecast from Accuweather .com meteorologist Carl Babinski. Today is the first June of the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season. Also it's the start of meteorological summer the three month calendar which period by far is the warmest across the lower 48 states. In the tropics there's an area of disorganized low pressure located in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. The national hurricane center giving it just a 20 % chance of undergoing tropical development the next few days. Even if it doesn't there will be some torrential rain across central south and Florida especially tonight and Friday. Parts of Florida could see up to six inches of rain and there were some drenching downpours late yesterday and early last night in the coastal bend between Apalachicola and Tallahassee. So we'll keeping be an eye on this area. Elsewhere in the country strong storms again erupted over the western high plains and Rockies. It's been a recurring theme. Numerous reports of large hail coming out of northeastern New Mexico and also in parts of Colorado. Today the National Severe Storms Forecasting Laboratory believes there's a slight risk for severe weather in the northern part of Texas, the Panhandle region, and a marginal risk exists as far west as eastern New Mexico and on up into southwestern eastern Kansas. So there will be storms erupting there. In the northeast, dry weather prevailing today. It'll become warmer. Recently they've been dealing with haze associated with wildfire smoke originating in eastern Canada. That should not be that much of a problem today. Highs will be in the low 80s in southern New England and New York City. Mid 80s in Philadelphia, near 90 in our nation's capital. Dry along the west coast. Temperatures should be mostly in the 60s along California's coast, but it'll be much warmer inland. Another dry day is expected in the northwest. And that's the weather across America. Today in Nashville, an afternoon thunderstorm, high 86, hot with a thunderstorm in Minneapolis, high 92. That's the nation's weather. I'm Accuweather .com I'm meteorologist Kara Babinski. 16 after now. I'm John Trout. This is America in the morning. Republican The presidential field is about to get bigger. Word out of New Jersey is that former Governor Chris Chris Christie,

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