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Then little cigars. Health Canada says the strategy aims to reduce tobacco use below a quick look at the top stories were working on a WTOP after sailing through the house on There's new evidence reportedly indicating former President Trump knowingly held on to classified documents after leaving the White House. And safety concerns had at Maryland's governor and other leaders walking along two busy area roads yesterday to get a first -hand look. Keep it here full for details on these stories in minutes ahead. traffic 5 18 and weather on the eights let's head straight to Jack Taylor. Looking good right now in Maryland out of Frederick running 270 south headed toward the lane divide the last of the work on the beltway topside out of the picking up it was be basically just after New Hampshire Avenue all the way to George Avenue I think the cones are being picked up closer toward University Boulevard and backing up toward the northwest branch bridge there along the right side to left lanes had been getting by you're in good shape between the beltways on 95 the Baltimore Washington Parkway coming southbound be aware we'd had a crash with investigation south on the BW Parkway after a Rundle Mills Boulevard if you want to be safest possibly on get a 175 past any potential still roadways that may be blocked at one point we did here all travel lanes were closed and all traffic was diverting off of the parkway onto a Rundle Mills Boulevard up in Liberty town 75 is closed north of 26 up toward North Street near the church we've got down wires you're to find going you're in good shape downtown no early troubles on the freeway third Street tunnel New York Avenue DC 95 I -295 you're looking good alright in Virginia the beltways quiet between Alexandria and McLean 95 you're looking good north out of Falmouth through Woodbridge into Springfield no troubles or delays yet leaving Springfield on 395 north all the way to the 14th Street bridge 66 you're off to a good start east out of Gainesville all the way toward Roslyn the overnight work westbound between the Fairfax County Parkway and 28 Centerville that's cleared all your lanes are open in that brief delays gone Jack Taylor WTOP traffic 7 News First Alert meteorologist Brian Van Der Graaf what a spectacular day we had yesterday I got to sit man that's super duper nice sitting by the pool I

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