Bishop E.W. Jackson Reflects on America's Greatness


Bishop E .W. Jackson, the brand new book, Sweet Land of Liberty, Reflections of a Patriot Descended from Slave. So we were just talking about, you know, what you said, that how you got here, how your people got here through the slave trade, something that anybody with a brain knows is a satanic abomination, a wicked thing. But in the scripture, you know, in the story of Joseph, what man intended for evil, God intended for good. Now, if you don't understand God, it's impossible to get that. And I understand there's some people that they just get angry. But you were just talking about the fact that however you got here, you're in America and you're grateful to be in America because there is no country like America that has overcome so many of its own sins and things and continues to try to get it right. Just that idea is, is extraordinary. And when people try to kick that to the curb, you're thinking, wait a minute, no, no, no, no, no, no. Historically, this is a big deal. You got to acknowledge it. And the Judeo -Christian roots and foundations of our country have made us the most charitable nation that's ever existed, have made us the nation that's proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world more than any nation that's ever existed. You know, we've got so much to celebrate. And I say people ought to be obsessing about what God wants to do through you in a great country like this of such opportunity, rather than what you perceive others have done to you, real or imagined. And, you know, this is the other thing. I mean, not to put too fine a point on it, I was never a slave. You were never a slave master. And this idea of bringing the past into the present and trying to make us all relate to each other on the basis of institutions that ended 150 years ago, I think is really self -destructive. Well, look, it gets so crazy, right? Because my father grew up in Greece. The Greeks were enslaved by the Ottoman Turks for centuries.

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