Body-cam footage shows indicted ex-police officers laughing at man who died in their custody


Authorities in Jackson, Mississippi have released body cam footage that shows several police officers joking. After they repeatedly used a taser on a black man who died in their custody. It begins as a trespassing call at a Jackson Mississippi hotel on New Year's Eve. Can you understand me? Don't put your hand back here. It ends with the death of key muriel. Officers are seen struggling to get both of his hands in handcuffs. And he's zapped repeatedly with a taser. And deprived of medical attention for about an hour. The three officers are charged in his death, but that night they joke about the incident. Strong as an ox. One officer describes this struggle as funny at first, and then says it got annoying. But it was funny, and Mississippi grand juries indicted two of the former police officers on murder counts and another on a manslaughter charge. I'm Jackie Quinn

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